CD Projekt Red Denies Rumors of Cyberpunk 2077 Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Newest rumor of Cyberpunk 2077 coming to Xbox Game Pass has been denied by CD Projekt Red after a recent leak.

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CD Projekt Red Denies Rumors of Cyberpunk 2077 Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Originally introduced as Project xCloud last year, Microsoft's cloud service Xbox Cloud Gaming has officially launched on PC and Xbox family of consoles for all members of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with over 150 games on 25 countries.

Microsoft recently released a YouTube video promoting Xbox Cloud Gaming for consoles that features a brief glimpse of 2020 action role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077, which leads players to speculate its coming launch on Game Pass.

However, Polish developer/publisher CD Projekt Red has denied rumor of CP 2077 coming to Xbox Game Pass anytime soon. When reached out for comment, a representative says "There are no Game Pass plans for Cyberpunk 2077".

CDPR fans assuming Cyberpunk 2077 coming to Game Pass from gameplay footage is not too far-fetched though as you would require a subscription for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to have access for Xbox Cloud Gaming library of titles.

Cyberpunk 2077 went through a terrible launch experience across majority of platforms and CDPR is slowly redeeming it. According to latest content roadmap from last month, all update and free DLCs are now been delayed to 2022.

Xbox Cloud Gaming allows you to enjoy playing Xbox Game Pass titles on your device without having to download or install them. Even players on Xbox One consoles can now play next-gen games like The Medium, Riftbreaker and more.
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