Xbox Live Gold Free Games for November 2022 Revealed

Games With Gold will be adding Dead End Job and Praetorians: HD Remaster for Xbox Live Gold members in November 2022.

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Xbox Live Gold Free Games for November 2022 Revealed

Although support for Xbox 360 titles have ended, Microsoft continues to introduce new lineup of Games With Gold for monthly Xbox Live Gold service subscribers to play across Xbox family of console systems when they arrive next month.

Set aside from other genre entries, classic real-time strategy game Praetorians by Pyro Studios focuses largely on tactics than getting resource. Recruit men to a garrison and train them hard for battle to play their role along with other units.

HD Remaster version is a high definition re-release for modern audience to witness the rise of Roman Empire. In console debut of Praetorians, players can enjoy over 20 campaign missions with reworked controls and fast-paced gameplay.

Get to work and start busting ghosts in 2019 twin-stick shooter Dead End Job by developer Ant Workshop and publisher Headup Games, where you grab onto a plasma blaster and a vacuum pack strapped on your back for your everyday job.

Play as paranormal pest control expert Hector Plasm, who hunt down apparitions on behalf of Ghoul-B-Gone. Either go alone on your day-to-day work of catching rogue spirits or tag along a friend to get a seamless, couch co-op experience.

Xbox Live Gold monthly freebies will also be accessible for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Plus, they can browse through a huge library of more than 100 high-quality games across Xbox consoles.
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