Death Stranding Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store offers a copy of Death Stranding for PC, on eleventh day of 15 days of free games giveaway program.

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Death Stranding Free on Epic Games Store Now

In anticipation of ongoing Christmas celebration, Epic Games kick-started this holiday season by kick-starting annual Holiday Sale 2022 promotional campaign on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store and offering daily free games.

Epic Store will offer free copies of 2019 action-adventure game Death Stranding from developer Kojima Productions and publisher 505 Games, which anyone can claim with a free account right away to own it in their library of games forever.

Often referred to as a walking simulator, Death Stranding actually unfolds as more than that as it sends you on a journey to deliver packages across a dystopian world and try to save humanity from a an impending extinction in a near future.

Although initially Death Stranding: Director's Cut was offered by Epic Store, it was changed into regular base game version. Meanwhile, Director's Cut upgrade is currently available for 40% off at EGS, included as part of ongoing Holiday Sale.

Kojima Productions is currently working on Death Stranding 2 and has also revealed a first-look during The Game Awards 2022 showcase. Recurring characters will make a return with a whole new cast of characters to face a major calamity.

Death Stranding will be replaced by another mystery game tomorrow and it is probably F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch. Epic Store has offered four returning freebies this year on "15 Days of Free Games" till now and only a few more to go.
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