Diablo 4 Open Beta Release Date

Blizzard Entertainment officially confirms Early Access weekends and Open Beta schedule for Diablo IV before release.

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Diablo IV Open Beta Release Date

Although rumored to arrive in April 2023, upcoming anticipated action role-playing game Diablo IV by developer/publisher Blizzard Entertainment was confirmed to release for PC and consoles by this June at The Game Awards 2022 show.

Blizzard internally hosted Alpha Test for feedback earlier but gameplay footage and screenshots were leaked online. Months ahead of global debut, Diablo 4 will have Open Beta tests and Early Access weekends, starting from March 2023.

Players who pre-order Diablo IV before beta date can get Early Access to Open Beta from March 17-19, 2023. Everyone else can join Beta test program from March 24-26, entering into world of Sanctuary and get swarmed by enemy horde.

During these Early Access weekends and Open Beta tests, entirety of Act 1 and Prologue section will be accessible to play through. Sanctuary first zone, Fractured Peaks invites you to a dreaded experience as you face-off forces of demons.

Brave hellish dungeons, complete challenging quests from locals and collect loot on your way to reach a cap of Level 25. As you get to maximum Level, more threats will befall you at every turn and it will cause you a great deal of difficulty.

Diablo IV is expected to arrive for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on June 6, 2023. Players who want to join early weekends need a Battle.net account to redeem Beta codes and pre-order Diablo 4 right now.
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