Suicide Squad: KTJL May Not Remove Its Live-Service Elements

Warner Bros. Games. may delay Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League to 2024 but won't drop its live-service elements.

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Suicide Squad: KTJL May Not Remove Its Live-Service Elements

Followed by a set launch date for May 2023, upcoming action-adventure shooter Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League by developer Rocksteady Studios and publisher Warner Bros. revealed its first gameplay at recent State of Play episode.

After receiving heavy fan-criticism, Warner Bros. have reportedly decided to delay its release to later this year or maybe even 2024. However, WB probably won't remove live-service elements of Suicide Squad regardless of postponement.

Although an official delay has yet to be announced, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier reveals that WB is set to move Suicide Squad release date for extra development time to further polish it and not to remove its live-service elements.

Rocksteady has not given a date yet, probably because they don't have any new date, he claims on social media. According to his sources, WB told dev team that it will arrive later this year but no one really knows when it releases after all.

There is a possibility that WB pushes the date to 2024 but they are not changing core gameplay regardless. Rocksteady faced criticism over Suicide Squad gameplay footage for having a Battle Pass system and an always online connection.

Insiders claim that Suicide Squad dev team is actually very positive about their project, specially compared to Gotham Knights. Everyone who is working on KTJL are optimistic about its combat loops and in-game open-world they designed.

Only weeks after Sony's State of Play showcase, Schreier reported a possible delay from May to second half of 2023. Shortly afterwards, VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb hinted that KTJL may not arrive until next year, quoting his sources.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was scheduled for 2022 launch but ends up being delayed and gets pushed to spring 2023. Warner Bros. confirmed a 2023 date last year during The Game Awards digital event and inclusion of Batman.
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