PlayStation State of Play February 2022 Live Now

First ever episode of PlayStation State of Play livestream this year showcases a lineup of new games coming to PlayStation 5 and VR2.

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PlayStation State of Play February 2022 Live Now

Other than a few multi-platform releases, Sony Interactive Entertainment didn't launch any big-name PlayStation-exclusives so far, except Forspoken and decides to show-off some new games coinciding with PlayStation VR2 global launch.

Sony is focusing on a number of upcoming third-party games in today's showcase event that are releasing on PlayStation 5 and VR2 shortly, which will be live on February 23, 1:00 PM PDT/4:00 PM EDT across Twitch and YouTube channels.

Sony hosts over 40-minute long State of Play livestream highlighting gameplay, release date and much more.

Street Fighter 6 | Cammy, Lily and Zangief Reveal
Two former World Warriors, Cammy and Zangief will join launch roster of Street Fighter 6 along with newcomer Lily. Both veterans from Street Fighter II are rocking a new, sporty style and are back with their iconic movesets and V-Trigger.

Lily hails from Thunderfoot tribe, same as T. Hawk and wields two war clubs during fights as she uses her unique set of moves. Entire 18-character launch roster will be available in single-player immersive World Tour and other game mode.

Resident Evil 4 Remake | Demo, Gameplay and Mercenaries Mode
Newest action-packed gameplay trailer for upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake shows protagonist Leon S. Kennedy dodging axes, kneecapping chainsaw-wielding Ganado and suplexing cultists to save the abducted daughter of U.S. President.

Capcom also offered a brief look at mysterious Ada Wong, his former comrade Jack Krauser and former Madrid cop Luis Sera in-game. A special demo will soon be released ahead of launch and Mercenaries mode joins as a post-launch DLC.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League | Co-Op Gameplay
First-ever gameplay footage of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League shows Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn and King Shark going up against The Flash as they try to save Lex Luthor with a cameo appearance of Wonder Woman.

Aside from 4-player co-op gameplay and boss fight, Rocksteady dev team offered a peek at gear upgrade system for weapon buffs. Each character's unique abilities blend with fluid combat and traversal system to fight Brainiac's henchmen.

Sony made an extensive gameplay reveal for three major upcoming third-party titles arriving to PlayStation 5 later this year. As they already mentioned highlighting Suicide Squad, people were not speculating much about any big surprises.

State of Play broadcast is likely to return very soon in coming months with more news regarding several anticipated first-party games. It may also feature a dedicated showcase for Resident Evil 4 Remake ahead of its release later on March.
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