PlayStation Showcase 2023 Live Now

Sony hosts an hour-long PlayStation Showcase event highlighting upcoming anticipated exclusives coming to PS5 and PS VR2.

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PlayStation Showcase 2023 Live Now

Earlier last month, industry insider Jeff Grubb claimed that Sony Interactive Entertainment may end up hosting an annual PlayStation Showcase event this year shortly ahead of Summer Game Fest digital livestream showcase next month.

Remaining in hiatus for a year in 2022, Sony finally returns with their popular showcase format to share a number of updates on their upcoming first-party exclusives and PlayStation VR titles, which will be streamed on social media sites.

Latest showcase highlights upcoming PlayStation-exclusive games that releases later this year and beyond.

Fairgame$ | Revealed
Recently acquired Haven Studios reveals Fairgame$, their first original IP with a CGI trailer that shows scenarios of a competitive heist game, where players join an underground movement to rob ultra-rich by trespassing into their vaults.

Billed as AAA multiplayer experience, Fairgame$ is a fresh take on heist genre with some sense of mystery for players. Become a modern-day Robin Hood or a thrill seeker, fill up your pocket or unravel wicked plans of wealthy big shots.

Resident Evil 4 Remake | VR Mode
During its official announcement, developer/publisher Capcom promised to add VR support for 2023 survival horror game Resident Evil 4 Remake on PlayStation VR2 headset and has recently offered a look at VR mode gameplay for RE4.

Confirmed as a free DLC for PlayStation 5 version, VR mode will change perspective from third-person to first-person view. VR allows you to experience ultimate gameplay immersion with an authentic feel and realistic threats of enemy.

Marathon | Announced
Long after releasing Destiny 2 and being acquired by Sony last year, developer Bungie unveils a first-look at their upcoming team-based extraction shooter Marathon, which will feature cross- play and cross-save features for current-gen.

A multiplatform release, Marathon adopts a far future sci-fi setting and minimalist art style for its overarching narrative. Although there is no single-player campaign, players' action will have some impact over in-game world and others.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 | Gameplay Reveal
Making nothing more than a voice cameo in 2021 reveal trailer, Kraven the Hunter makes a full appearance looking for an equal. One of his men suggests moving to a new hunting ground and he decides to visit New York for a great hunt.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 gameplay shows Spider-Man fighting a new enemy group called Hunters wearing a black suit. They all are after The Lizard and Spidey reveals new abilities while he calls Miles Morales to join in for co-op adventure.

Sony finally offering a better look at Marvel's Spider-Man 2 gameplay was the biggest highlight of today's showcase event. Updates on Assassin's Creed Mirage, Alan Wake II, Final Fantasy XVI and Resident Evil 4 was somewhat expected.

PlayStation Showcase 2023 made a bunch of surprise announcement today including Fairgame, Marathon and much more. A first-look at Dragon's Dogma II and revealing of Metal Solid Delta: Snake Eater was really wonderful for PS fans.
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