Sea of Thieves May Come to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation

A new insider report claims that Microsoft could release Sea of Thieves for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles.

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Sea of Thieves May Come to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation

Earlier this week, Nate the Hate podcast claimed that Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch one of their "more acclaimed" first-party games this calendar year that was also in conversation for "Game of the Year" on its year of release.

Although they never named the game, fans quickly deduced that it could be 2023 rhythm-based action game Hi-Fi Rush by developer Tango Gameworks but an insider report suggests it may be Rare Studio's pirate simulator Sea of Thieves.

In a response to these claims, reliable industry insider Jeff Grubb has stated that he also learned about those rumors lately and thought it to be Rare's pirate co-op game, which he believe could release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.

Grubb didn't rule out fan-speculation of the unnamed Xbox game to be Hi-Fi Rush as it could be a sign of change in their global strategy. Going forward, they may take a case-by-case approach to decide what's best for their first-party IPs.

He also added that it would be nice for Hi-Fi Rush to make a little bit more money and raise that franchise's profile a little bit. Microsoft really likes Tango Gameworks and they are growing that studio, sources reveals in wake of Hi-Fi Rush.

Hi-Fi Rush could have made more money and devs would have loved it if their game straight up made more already, Grubb says. Of course, they are happy with its Xbox Game Pass release and maybe trying to raise the Hi-Fi Rush's profile.

Meanwhile, Axios reporter Stephen Totilo also said in his industry newsletter Game File that his source that Microsoft may have plans to launch Sea of Thieves to PlayStation consoles, possibly for early release through 2024 calendar year.

Sea of Thieves originally launched for PC and Xbox One in March 2018, becoming first Microsoft exclusive to join Game Pass day-one. Rare's pirate-themed co-op multiplayer has amassed over 15 million players and it only increased later.
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