Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Battlefield V Won't Have Premium Pass

EA Dice and Electronic Arts confirms that Battlefield V will not have any randomized loot boxes.

During a recent live-stream reveal event for upcoming first-person shooter game Battlefield V, developer EA DICE and publisher Electronic Arts have talked about many specific details to entertain the curiosity of their audience.

One such important and controversial topic was of in-game loot boxes that everyone wants to know about in clear details. According to an EA spokesperson, there won't be any randomized loot boxes in their latest entry from Battlefield series.

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Battlefield V Won't Have Premium Pass

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There was a scope for paid DLC expansions or premium battle pass granting access to maps, weapons and various other items to use in multiplayer mode. Battlefield 1 of 2016 had a premium pass worth $49.99 aside from its base game purchase.

This idea was heavily criticized then because, it effected overall gameplay experience for players by creating two groups of people; one who have all the vanity content from DLC pack and another who just owned the base game.

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Electronic Arts opted out from adding paid DLC in Titanfall 2 and Star Wars Battlefront II loot box controversy was biggest controversy of last year. Ubisoft and Xbox have moved away from these practices with their flagship games a while ago.

Most recently, Activision and Treyarch did the same by announcing of not including a Season Pass with DLC maps for upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 game. So it is very nice to see that even EA is trying to follow same market trend with BFV.

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Although, micro-transactions will eventually come in form of cosmetic items as it is part of BF5's progression system. The game will let players access their soldiers, vehicles and weapons between competitive multiplayer and other modes, which is pretty cool!

You will be able to even customize your face paints, helmets, shirts and each single piece of item you possess. Since these items are used solely for cosmetic purpose, they will not have any effects or whatsoever on gameplay experience.

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That means, everyone owning a copy of Battlefield V can enjoy access to all existing and future contents by just buying its base game and nothing is locked up behind a cleverly devised pay wall, or that is what they are saying right now.

Brand-new Tides of War mode encourages you to keep playing to get into limited time events and challenges set on during the era of World War II. It's nice seeing them making amends for their misguided decisions in past with Battlefront II and making a smart move.

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Pre-ordering the game will give you early access a week ago, or you can just purchase BFV Deluxe Edition to start from October 16. Before it is finally released, an open beta will be there and we still are waiting for a date for that to be announced.

Currently, Battlefield V is expecting to see worldwide release on October 19, 2019 to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Using EA Access or Origin Access service, you can start your early free trial from October 11.