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Samurai Shodown 2019 Release Date

Upcoming rebooted Samurai Shodown game is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in June, followed by a Switch and PC release later.

Carrying an entire generation worth of reputation in making legendary fighting game series like Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury and King of Fighters, developer SNK is marking their return to the genre with newest installment of Samurai Shodown in 2019.

Back in September 2018, there was only a brief teaser where it was titled as Samurai Spirits and there were no official release date or any select platforms. However, those queries are all answered today at PAX East 2019 with another trailer.

samurai shodown 2019 snk pax ps4 xb1
Samurai Shodown 2019 Release Date

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Witness a rebooted era of Samurai Shodown sword fighting franchise in a newly unleashed PAX trailer shown below.

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A weapon-based fighting game series that never shy away from spilling rush of blood from its fighter characters, there are certain deadly moves in the game that can execute your opponents depending on specific conditions.

Above shown gameplay moments are only a few samples from a hands-on demo and currently, 16 characters are planned for launch. On taking damage, players would fill up a Rage Gauge to power up certain attacks at some point.

samurai shodown 2019 charlotte galford genjuro samurai shodown v hanzo ukyo snk
Fan-Favorite Samurai Warriors

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Initially, the game is arriving on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles this June and then would see Nintendo Switch release in Q4 2019. According to official announcement, PC platform launch will happen at a later date and that could also be in 2020.

Contrary to what we believed earlier about the game being set in the aftermath of Samurai Shodown V Special, this rebooted title chronologically takes place in between 18th century time period of Samurai Shodown V and the very first game.

samurai shodown 2019 earthquake shiki tam tam
Earthquake, Shiki and Tam Tam Returns

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During their teaser trailer unveiling, characters like Haohmaru and couple other fan-favorites were confirmed to return in 2019. Other than three newcomers to be revealed on a later date, Earthquake, Jubei Yagyu, Shiki, Tam Tam and Yoshitora Tokugawa has joined the roster.

Judging by modern day trend, SNK is most probably open to include additional characters through post-launch DLC. It recreates the same old manga inspired looks of favorite series regulars from original 2D designs and rendered them in polished 3D graphics.

samurai shodown 2019 new fighters reveal snk
Samurai Shodown 2019 Newcomers

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Heading for a less combo-focused gameplay and looking to emphasize on delivering well placed fatal blow on opponent is taking it to a new direction. Super Special Move is limited to one per match and that makes things more interesting.

Returning to its roots by implementing many core aspects while adding new gameplay elements for modern consoles, Samurai Shodown can perhaps bring SNK back to its glory days once again when it finally launched to all available platforms.