Friday, October 18, 2019

Death Stranding May be Getting PS5 Sequel

Hideo Kojima might have teased a planned Death Stranding sequel that will arrive on PlayStation 5 console.

Now that upcoming action game Death Stranding has just completed development and finally wrapped up, fans are eagerly waiting on the edge of their seats for its release after a few weeks on November 8, 2019 for PlayStation 4.

Though the game is not out yet, game director Hideo Kojima has stated having plans for a possible sequel. It would probably take him a couple more years to develop Death Stranding 2, which is likely to be a PlayStation 5 title.

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Death Stranding May be Getting PS5 Sequel

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Despite being a largely anticipated title, many criticized the game as a walking simulator at Tokyo Game Show 2019. Kojima clarified that his latest project is a "Social Strand" game and he is open to sequels to establish this new genre.

Hideo Kojima previously approached stealth genre with Metal Gear Solid series and eventually established a new category with a series of sequels. Now he wants to deliver players a new type of gaming experience that he calls strand genre.

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Ahead of TGS 2019, Kojima even Tweeted about his next project from Kojima Productions with picture of a crab.

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Given that Death Stranding took around three years to come out, a potential sequel may arrive sometime in 2022. By then, PS5 console will have become available everywhere and would be a more logical launch platform of choice.

Kojima however, cleared that nothing is set in stones as he has many other projects at hand but possible number of sequels are at least 1.5 and then 2, so that people who plays Death Stranding series will be aware of social strand games.