Thursday, January 9, 2020

WB Montréal Teased New Batman Game Again

Nowhere near reveal yet, WB Games Montréal teases fans with another image for next Batman game.

There has been a rumor of developer WB Games Montréal secretly working on a Batman game for some time since 2018 that is loosely based on 2011 DC Comics storyline Batman: Court of Owls and is set within Arkhamverse.

After some back and forth teasing for last two years, WB Montréal is back at it again in 2020 with a new logo they posted on social media and even left a clue for legion of fans to seek its meaning of by simply writing "/redacted".

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WB Montréal Teased New Batman Game Again

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According to curious player community, previous set of logos represents Amanda Waller, Court of Owls, Ra's Al Ghul and Suicide Squad. Before they get to a full official reveal of Batman: Arkham game, there will most likely be another tease.

All of these parties have gone after the Caped Crusader on more than one occasion in history of comic-books. Putting them all together into one game is probably vital to an overarching narrative like previous games of Batman franchise.

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WB Montréal posts "/redacted" in caption of a Tweet that is a clue to visit their official website for a larger image.

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Judging by its appearance, the logo seems to be representing a top-secret project of United States Army known as The Colony. They led by Jacob Kane, father of Kate Kane AKA Batwoman and were introduced in the beginning of DC Rebirth.

Considering how WB has been emphasizing on a tagline "Capture the Knight" from start, this newly revealed faction nicely fits into the memo that suggests that several different groups are trying to hunt The Dark Knight for some reasons.

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People have already placed together previously leaked symbols to form a pattern and make some sense.

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Following original rumor that spread around from an owl emblem on a black T-shirt worn by an assistant producer of WB Montreal, there was heavy speculation that a surprise reveal will take place at major gaming events but nothing happened.

Filling out five of all six circles now leave place for only one more, which can possibly be an owl insignia for Court of Owls that assistant producer Valerie Vezina was wearing in a photo she shared on her Twitter handle two years ago.

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Piecing these pieces of puzzles through teaser images only hints that upcoming Batman game would feature major factions of Gotham City and it will be significantly long compared to any previous installment of Arkham games.

A reputed leaker claimed the title to be "Batman: Arkham Legacy" and will have a fully playable Bat-Family. It may come out during release of next-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X but will be available on current-gen hardware.