Thursday, March 19, 2020

Dauntless: Scorched Earth Update Live Now

Scorched Earth content update drops for Dauntless, adding new Behemoth, Escalation, Hunt Pass and more.

Newest season of free content update for free-to-play online action role-playing game Dauntless is here to invite Nintendo Switch, PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players to all-out monster hunting party.

Slayers from all platforms are welcome to join at Shattered Isles in latest Scorched Earth free content update, which includes new behemoth, Blaze Escalation event, bug fixes, gameplay changes, gears, Hunt Pass and much more.

dauntless scorched earth free content update pc epic games store ps4 nintendo switch xbox one free to play phoenix labs
Dauntless: Scorched Earth Update Live Now

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Phoenix Labs released an official launch trailer for Dauntless: Aether Unbound update showing key-features.

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Escalation game mode debuted back in December 2019, offering players a challenging experience of fighting random bosses. On your way to hunt are aether charged creatures like Gnashers and Quillshots, throwing fireballs at you.

Once you and your teammates eventually managed to survive them all, you can meet the boss. Blaze Escalation will be introducing a fiery new rampaging behemoth Torgadoro that will give players quite a tough time during encounter.

dauntless scorched earth new behemoth torgadoro free content update pc epic games store ps4 nintendo switch xbox one free to play phoenix labs
New Behemoth Torgadoro

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While facing newest giant of Scorched Earth, players will be exploring new tropical and volcanic islands. Seasoned Slayers of Ramsgate with an Escalation score of 40 or above are eligible for a face-off that they may not even survive.

In spite of having an enormous size, Torgadoro is exceptionally agile and can burst cracks though Earth's crust with ease. Your chances of being smashed to a pulp in his hands are too high unless you get a hold of his attack patterns first.

dauntless scorched earth searing talons hunt pass free content update pc epic games store ps4 nintendo switch xbox one free to play phoenix labs
Searing Talons Hunt Pass

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Of course each seasonal event comes with new weapons and legendary ability to do additional damage to targets less than 50% health. Also, Searing Talons Hunt Pass lets you earn consumables and cosmetic rewards up to level 50.

Dauntless: Scorched Earth update adds updated daily login bonuses and a few quality of life improvements. Earning Hunt Pass XP is easier than ever before you can reach to level 50 and all bounties are rebalanced to reflect their value.