Friday, May 15, 2020

Nioh 2 Gets Photo Mode and New Missions

Team Ninja releases more action-packed missions and Photo Mode feature for PS4 masocore game Nioh 2.

It has been months since publisher Koei Tecmo Games in association with and Sony Interactive Entertainment released long-anticipated action role-playing PlayStation 4-exclusive game Nioh 2 that met with critical and commercial success.

After reaching a milestone of selling over one million units worldwide, Team Ninja revealed a release date for its first DLC expansion. Also, a free content update is rolled out adding new Guardian Spirit, missions, Photo Mode and more.

nioh 2 photo mode new missions ps4 team ninja koei tecmo games sony interactive entertainment
Nioh 2 Gets Photo Mode and New Missions

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First major feature of recent Update 1.09 will be Photo Mode for Nioh 2, which is a more than a simple add-on. There are a wide range of camera settings including image exposure, filters, gradation, lighting adjustments and others to explore.

Nine new missions that are comprised of several sub-missions and one Twilight mission were added as part of latest update. 1.09 to introduce new Guardian Spirit Mizuchi to the game but no instructions on how to unlock them was found.

nioh 2 photo mode settings ps4 team ninja koei tecmo games sony interactive entertainment
Nioh 2 Photo Mode Settings

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Nioh 2 will be getting three DLC release for additional content such boss characters, skills, storylines and Yokai. Fresh armor and a new weapon will give players an edge on performance over set stances to tackle deadly challenges.

First expansion pack for Nioh 2 titled "The Tengu's Disciple" is currently set to release on July 30, 2020. Dev team will eventually deliver end-game content and new difficulty levels to further expand campaign mode adventures.