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Sony Shuts Down Last of Us 2 Criticism With DMCA Takedown

Videos on YouTube discussing about The Last of Us 2 leaks are being taken down by DMCA takedowns from Sony.

After being hit by a massive leak in mid April, upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive title The Last of Us Part II from developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment has become one of the most divisive games of 2020.

When leaked gameplay and story details of TLoU2 showed up at ResetEra gaming forum, they were taken down promptly. Going a step further, Sony is now actively trying to silence anyone discussing leaks or criticizing them on YouTube.

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Sony Shuts Down Last of Us 2 Criticism With DMCA Takedown

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Despite attempts from Sony to remove all traces of leaks from social media platforms, they were speared through re-uploads to many sites. People were still discussing about known images and story twists that Sony wanted to stop.

To avoid further spreading of leaks, Sony has now decided to manually strike down clips off video-sharing platforms. Anyone trying to discuss anything related to TLoU2 in negative light is getting DMCA takedown notices from Sony.

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YouTuber Ryan Kinel gets a copyright notice on his channel and his video was removed where he was talking about "Anita Sarkeesian and her influence over game director Neil Druckmann" and showed an image that is already out there.

Videos of known YouTuber such as Heel vs. Babyface, Just Some Guy and Geeks and Gamers have been hit with DMCA takedown notices as well. Naughty Dog is apparently abusing a flawed copyright system to shut down all criticism.

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When a livestream from Geeks and Gamers owner Jeremy Griggs was shut down, he decided to contact his lawyer.

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Caring about major corporations, YouTube is clearly casting a blind eye at Sony and letting them misuse their system. People sharing memes of a certain "Ma'am" from TLoU2 are also having their posts getting slammed by copyright strikes.

Trying to stop a leak of an upcoming anticipated title and taking down media that shows related images or videos are somewhat understandable but going after any criticism online actually proves everyone's point of being mad at them.

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Following initial leak, Naughty Dog came forward and promptly announced a new release date for The Last of Us 2. Rumoredly, a disgruntled former staff member was responsible but Sony claims to have found involvement of an outside party.

Many were skeptical about hackers being involved and report of an ex-employee behind these leaks made more sense to them since there was an investigation earlier by Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier about terrible "crunch culture" at ND.

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A leak of such disastrous proportion always hurts fellow developers who worked hard on the project. Many who wanted to buy The Last of Us sequel on day one are now planning to back out for having their favorite franchise ruined.

Although such action is not justified under any given circumstances even if they were not treated fairly by their employer, TLoU2 leak seemingly saved people a lot of money who are not interested anymore and lost potential sales.

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Leaks of entertainment media have unfortunately become very common and almost unavoidable these days; especially in case of popular names and often they spoil some surprise aspects that eventually creates division among fans.

Sometime people get excited to see how things are moving forward as they expected or even better. Then there are times when they are so disappointed that they feel the need to protest online in large groups and withdraw all support.

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Though many will still purchase this game in spite of being spoiled but profits and company reputation is hurt regardless. Instead of going after potential customers and fans that are mad at them, Sony should have sat this one down for good.

What Naughty Dog and Sony probably didn't care about or even considered before doing this is a "Streisand Effect" that follows and in their attempt to silence criticism, they has inadvertently shed a greater light on The Last of Us 2 leaks.