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God of War Sequel Teased by Santa Monica Studio Dev

Santa Monica Studio developer hints for possible God of War sequel announcement at PS5 reveal event.

Going through a soft reboot, 2018 action-adventure game God of War from developer Santa Monica Studio and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment debuted as a PlayStation 4-exclusive that sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Shortly ahead of an anticipated reveal event for upcoming next-generation console PlayStation 5 on June 11, 2020, a recent Tweet from Santa Monica developer is hints at a possible announcement for next title in God of War series.

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God of War Sequel Teased by Santa Monica Studio Dev

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After a rescheduling of PS5 reveal event has been revealed lately, God of War engineering lead and gameplay director Jeet Shroff went to Twitter, encouraging everyone to watch out for Sony's latest show, hinting at a major announcement.

There was a new job listing for gameplay camera designer to join GoW team back in March 2020. This is a further indication to God of War sequel being in works and is most likely to get revealed during impending gaming showcase.

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Jeet Shroff of Santa Monica Studio invites fans to attend PS5 reveal event to see "what future has in store".

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GoW has been received popularly by fans and critics, winning multiple accolades including Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2018. Although Santa Monica has followed past series legacy, many considered the game a reboot.

Whereas previous installments were focused on Greek mythology, 2018 God of War release was largely based on Norse mythology, sending Kratos on a personal journey through five mythical realms from Midgard to Helheim.

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Ending sequence in God of War has already foreshadowed that Thor would be a future enemy for Kratos and Ragnarök will follow as well. There were also heavy implications of highlighting identity of his young son Atreus in next GoW title.

Some rumors are suggesting sequel to be titled God of War: Fimbulwinter, heralding Ragnarök. Santa Monica Studio may focus even more on father-son relationship of Kratos and Atreus, while exploring more elements of Norse mythology.