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Little Nightmares Free on Bandai Namco Store Now

Bandai Namco Store offers PC version of horror adventure game Little Nightmares to promote its upcoming sequel.

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Little Nightmares Free on Bandai Namco Store Now

About a month ahead of anticipated release for upcoming puzzle-platformer horror adventure game Little Nightmares II, publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced to giveaway its predecessor title Little Nightmares for free.

For a limited time, you can head over to Europe store of Bandai Namco Entertainment and get a free Steam key for Standard Edition of Little Nightmares to download on Windows PC platform by using an account before January 17, 2021.

You will be sent a confirmation mail soon afterwards once you complete ordering process and use an activation key to redeem the game. You are only entitled to Little Nightmares base game by claiming this product, excluding any DLCs.

Little Nightmares lets you assume the role of a young girl named Six, who carries a lighter and wears a yellow raincoat. She tries to escape an underwater vessel called the Maw while avoids getting caught by a horde of scary creatures.

In a trip to many of our childhood fears, you try to survive a harsh surrounding where Six is one mistake away from becoming puppy chow. On your way to freedom, there are puzzles to solve and other hazards you should stay away from.

Little Nightmares is also currently available in Games With Gold lineup throughout January and therefore, players with a subscription to Xbox Live Gold can enjoy playing the game across any of Xbox family of consoles for free right away.