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PlayStation Plus Free Games for May 2021

PlayStation Plus will add Battlefield V and Stranded Deep to PS4 free games lineup, Wreckfest for PS5 in May 2021.

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PlayStation Plus Free Games for May 2021

As we are getting close to ongoing month, a brand-new lineup of PlayStation Plus free games has been revealed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which will soon become available on May 4, 2021, for PlayStation 4 and next-gen console.

PS Plus members will be getting access to Electronic Arts' epic war shooter Battlefield V and survival game Stranded Deep. Owners of PlayStation 5 can also get their hands on Wreckfest, banger racing game from Bugbear Entertainment.

Revisit one of the greatest conflicts in human history as 2018 first-person shooter Battlefield V takes you to World War II era, where you experience all-out war across various game modes like Combined Arms, Grand Operations and more.

Explore an island of Pacific Ocean and test your survival skills in open-world adventure Stranded Deep by developer/publisher Beam Team Games. You have to build shelter, craft tools, fight off hunger and find some weapons in order to stay alive.

A spiritual successor to FlatOut series, extreme racing game Wreckfest invites players to a non-stop crash and burn fest on road that heavily focuses on breaking rules, hitting metal and epic crashes than winning in any competitive races.

PlayStation Plus members can add these free games to their library to download and play until May 31, 2021. In the mean time, there is still time to enjoy Days Gone, Oddworld: Soulstorm and Zombie Army 4 before Sony removes them.