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Metroid Dread Publisher Promises to Fix Game-Breaking Bug Soon

Nintendo acknowledges a game-breaking progression bug in Metroid Dread and promises to release an update soon.

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Metroid Dread Publisher Promises to Fix Game-Breaking Bug Soon

After nearly two decades of absence, Metroid franchise finally returns to 2D side-scrolling roots with latest launch of 2021 action-adventure game Metroid Dread by developer Mercury Steam earlier, coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch.

Within a week of its worldwide release, players are encountering a game-breaking bug nearing end of Metroid Dread that forcibly crashes the game and taking note of this problem, publisher Nintendo promises to fix it through an update.

Reaching close to the end of Dread, players are running into a situation where an error message appears before force-quitting the game. This only occurs if you end up destroying a door with a map marker on it and your journey is stopped.

Nintendo will be rolling out a patch later this month, which addresses this problem but has also offered a solution for now. Until then, players are advised to restart before playing through that same segment and simply remove the marker.

Only days after its launch, Dread becomes a headline for news outlets online for being playable on Switch emulators for PC platform. It also became a fastest-selling Metroid game throughout boxed sales charts in United Kingdom history.

Metroid Dread players are expecting to receive a new software update by end of October 2021, which will effectively resolve this issue. Meanwhile, Nintendo is reportedly planning to release Metroid Prime for Switch as a standalone title.