Back 4 Blood Difficulty Levels Will Be Fixed in Future Update

Turtle Rock Studios admits that Back 4 Blood is much more difficult that they intended and is working on fix right now.

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Back 4 Blood Difficulty Levels Will Be Fixed in Future Update

Fans of iconic Left 4 Dead series are raking in millions to experience 2021 co-operative zombie shooter Back 4 Blood by developer Turtle Rock Studios and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive following its release across major platforms.

Only a few days ago, Turtle Rock shared a post-launch content roadmap and promised to offer essential bug fixes. They have recently acknowledged that B4B is much difficult that it was ever intended and will patch things out very soon.

Addressing ongoing issues regarding Back 4 Blood difficulty levels, dev team has posted a recap of what they found so far. After a recent stream, Turtle Rock Studios took notice of a handful of issues and they need some proper balancing.

B4B developer talks about high spawn rate of special Ridden enemies, which is still a problem even after releasing a patch earlier. They identified melee cards and trauma damage still needs some adjustments that are arriving in future.

Turtle Rock discussed many ongoing issues for Back 4 Blood this week and posted them all over at Reddit.

Turtle Rock Studios already employed a server-side patch to fix trauma damage and bringing a new one for offline play. More rebalancing will be introduced to modify or nerf certain abilities, builds, cards or weapon for better gameplay.

Back 4 Blood apparently become more difficult than dev team has ever intended due to couple of bugs and issues. Turtle Rock is currently working hard to add replayability and find a balance to ensure a smoother gameplay experience.
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