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The Last of Us Remake Release Date Reportedly Leaked

A very reputable leaker apparently has leaked a set release date for long-rumored The Last of Us Remake, will release in coming months.

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The Last of Us Remake Release Date Reportedly Leaked

According to an early Bloomberg report, developer Naughty Dog was working on The Last of Us Remake exclusively for PlayStation 5 consoles with help from a PlayStation support team Visual Arts Service Group, who started this project.

Several industry insiders have already corroborated at a holiday 2022 release window for TLoU Remake already. However, a newly revealed report apparently reveals an exact release date for The Last of Us Remake, coming later in 2022.

A leaker known as The Snitch recently wrote a cryptic post on social media and it says, "PART 1 - 02.09.2022". People theorize that "PART 1" possibly hints at The Last of Us: Part I and it is likely to be releasing shortly on September 2, 2022.

There are a pair of emojis as well, one is obviously a video game controller and another one is a personal computer. This is probably a hint at release platforms and The Last of Us Remake may also get ported to PC other than PS5 console.

The Snitch has shared an alleged release date and platforms for rumored The Last of Us Remake on Twitter.

Remake of a fan-favorite PlayStation-exclusive coming to PC is not a very far-fetched idea since Sony previously mentioned their intention of bringing many of their IPs to PC and recently, they even announced Marvel's Spider-Man for PC.

Despite being a new insider, The Snitch has accurately leaked entire slate of Sony's latest State of Play showcase. Just earlier, journalist Tom Henderson praised The Snitch for helping him with new Hideo Kojima horror title Overdose leak.

Another report previously claimed that TLoU Remake would launch with Factions, a standalone multiplayer mode for The Last of Us II. Whether or not these two games will be sold separately or bundled together has not been confirmed.

The Last of Us Remake was accidentally teased on LinkedIn by a QA tester working for Naughty Dog back in April 2022. While you should take any rumor with a grain of salt, newly leaked date for TLoU by The Snitch seems very legitimate.