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Control Publisher Lied About Ultimate Edition Upgrade

Players accidentally receive Ultimate Edition for Control on PlayStation Store, exposing excuse given by 505 Games for next-gen.

Ahead of first launch anniversary, developer Remedy Entertainment and publisher 505 Games announced Ultimate Edition for sci-fi adventure game Control and sparked controversy among fans for not offering free next-gen upgrade.

505 Games eventually offered an explanation why players across all platforms who already own all content can be upgraded to new generation of console for free but most recently, fans have caught them lying about free next-gen version.

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Control Publisher Lied About Ultimate Edition Upgrade

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Many who bought Digital Deluxe Edition of Control on Sony consoles noticed briefly having access to newly released Ultimate Edition on PlayStation Store, which fully contradicts with what 505 Games tried to clarify back in August.

505 Games said to have been unable to upgrade existing owners of Deluxe Edition from last-gen systems to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X when they launch later this year without leaving behind player group of at least one platform.

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Users on ResetEra threads started sharing their experience on how they bought Deluxe Edition of Control previously on PS4, which also includes Season Pass and now PSN shows that they automatically possess Control: Ultimate Edition.

One user deletes the game to download it again from Ultimate Edition page and now, Deluxe Edition is no longer available on PS Store. Apparently, 505 Games can actually upgrade previous buyers to new console version without any cost.

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Both versions are effectively same product but Ultimate Edition comes with a free upgrade to next-gen consoles and therefore, early adopters being forced to pay $39.99 to get an upgrade for PS5 or Series X versions seem very scummy.

505 Games was most likely referring to Xbox One platform as other group that could not be upgraded easily in their clarification earlier. They even pulled a plug on store page to prevent anyone from downloading Ultimate Edition.

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Now that 505 Games has made a mistake and seem to have been caught in their seemingly deliberate lies, they look like nothing but a greedy publisher, who would come up with just about any excuse to grab a few extra bucks.

Control: Ultimate Edition is out now on PC via Epic Games Store and Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nearing end of this year, physical editions will become available while PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X version will launch digitally.