Cyberpunk 2077 Already Recouped Development Cost

CD Projekt Red has already made more than entire development cost of Cyberpunk 2077 from pre-orders at launch.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Already Recouped Development Cost

Fans have been waiting for eight-long year for action role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 to be released since it was announced by developer/publisher CD Projekt Red back in 2012, before The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt even came out.

Fast forward to present day, CP2077 has launched successfully across all major platforms via digital and retail outlets, already recouping full development and marketing costs, including other expenditures in just one day at launch.

CDPR has gone through an extensive development cycle and several delays for Cyberpunk 2077, pushing its scheduled release multiple times. There are still a number of bugs, frame rate drops and performance issues on PS4 and Xbox One.

Despite widespread technical problems, CP2077 is doing very well in terms of sales compared to any major AAA-titles. Thanks to its pre-order earnings from digital distribution outlets, the game made its debut as a profitable product.

Cyberpunk 2077 got over 8 million pre-orders and 74% of them were digital copies; earning CD Projekt more profit than physical sales. Sales have crossed $50 million mark on Steam, meaning CDPR is receiving 80% revenue from Valve.

To celebrate this recent success, CD Projekt employees are getting 10% of annual profit share in 2020. Being one of the largest companies in Polish stock market, CDPR often publicly shares their financial reports to maintain transparency.

Senior analyst of Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad shared an earnings report of CD Projekt Red on Twitter lately.

This financial milestone surely helps the Polish studio increase market value in gaming industry. Back in May, a stock market evaluation revealed that CD Projekt Red is Europe's most valuable game company, officially surpassing Ubisoft.

Cyberpunk 2077 developers have plans beyond base game with a roadmap to release potential DLC and expansions in future. Players can expect to receive free and paid post-launch content sometime in early 2021, just like The Witcher 3.
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