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Xbox Game Pass to Add Grand Theft Auto 5, Zombie Army 4 and More

A fresh new lineup of Xbox Game Pass is adding Grand Theft Auto V, MLB: The Show 21, Zombie Army 4 and more for April 2021.

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Xbox Game Pass to Add Grand Theft Auto 5, Zombie Army 4 and More

A week into April 2021 and Microsoft takes no time announcing a brand-new lineup of games for Xbox Game Pass subscribers that are arriving on Android, PC and Xbox family of current as well as next-gen consoles, starting from April 8.

A returning fan-favorite and one of the best-selling games of all time, 2013 action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto V by developer/publisher Rockstar Games takes you to explore criminal underworld of San Andreas and take part in heists.

GTAV already joined Xbox Game Pass for consoles last year and was available on service for less than six months. Rockstar Games is bringing back one of their greatest hits for players on cloud and Xbox console platforms in less than a day.

Then make a stop to 1940's Europe to thwart Hitler's nefarious plan and his unending zombie horde to save humankind in Rebellion Developments' acclaimed third-person shooter Zombie Army 4: Dead War for cloud, console and PC.

Also arriving on the same day are 2011 open-world adventure title Disneyland Adventures and 2012 platform gamer Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure; both offering an incredible experience of various Disney and Pixar movies for whole family.

Test your ice hockey skills in NHL 21, which features an expanded "Be a Pro" mode that lets you create custom players to pursue a career. Latest installment of NHL series adds some gameplay adjustments and a newly improved skate engine.

Living up to its namesake, slapstick comedy game Rain on Your Parade lets you be a cloud and ruin everyone's day just for fun. Explore ancient tombs and discover occult secrets while outwit enemies in turn-based strategy game Pathway.

Making its way to cloud and console, upcoming baseball simulation game MLB: The Show 21 is hitting Xbox Game Pass on day-one. Next-gen players can experience upgrades like 60 FPS/4K on Xbox Series X/S, including cross-platform play.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is adding over 50 games with touch controls to play on your Android mobile devices today. Tiles like Gears 5, Minecraft Dungeons, Sea of Thieves and more becomes part of Game Pass library in latest Project xCloud update.

Game Pass Ultimate members are also encouraged to check out ongoing monthly perks for this month to claim latest rewards. Pirate legends of Sea of Thieves can get Ocean Crawler Bundle while Spellbreak is giving away free Chapter 2 Pass.

xbox game pass play with your friends feature consoles
Play With Your Friends

Throughout mid-April, Deliver Us The Moon, Gato Roboto and Wargroove will be leaving Xbox Game Pass service across all platforms. A bunch of titles from Madden and NHL franchise will longer be available on EA Play for consoles as well.

Microsoft will be making some change to Xbox Game Pass menu on console dashboard to bring friends together by showing users what people on their friends list are playing, so anyone can jump right in and tag along for a multiplayer match.