The Ascent Rated for PlayStation 4 and 5! Again!

After a leaked rating at Taiwanese board, The Ascent has recently been rated by ESRB for PlayStation consoles again.

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The Ascent Rated for PlayStation 4 and 5! Again!

Originally launched exclusively for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, 2021 action role-playing game The Ascent by developer Neon Giant and publisher Curve Digital has made its debut on Xbox Game Pass with overall great reception.

Earlier last month, a listed rating for PlayStation 4 and 5 version of The Ascent was spotted at Taiwanese rating board website. Most recently, a new listing for same platforms has surfaced on Entertainment Software Rating Board site.

Shortly after launch, The Ascent dev team has previously acknowledged fan-demand for a PS5 version only a few months ago. In response to a follower on Twitter, they also told fans to keep an eye on social media for any future updates.

Newly discovered listing for The Ascent on official ESRB website receives a Mature 17+ rating for "Blood and Gore and Drug Reference". Audience may come across "Strong Language" like "f**k, sh*t, and a*shole" during playthroughs.

ESRB rating summery for The Ascent is dreadfully detailed about player character getting into fights against aliens and mutants. It also describes how enemy dismemberment is depicted in-game and there are "no interactive elements".

The Ascent takes you to a dystopian cyberpunk world and lets you play as a worker, serving a mega-corporation that just collapsed. Now there is chaos everywhere and you are assigned to bring back order among these enemy factions.
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