Silent Hill Transmission October 2022 Live Now

Konami hosts a digital Silent Hill Transmission reveal event, announcing Silent Hill 2 Remake and more in today's livestream.

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Silent Hill Transmission October 2022 Live Now

After more than a year of anticipation and speculations, Japanese video game publisher Konami has confirmed a revival of fan-favorite survival horror franchise Silent Hill and old-school fans of the franchise are delighted for its awaited return.

Earlier this week, Konami finally announced a livestream to share latest development update of multiple Silent Hill projects currently in works at third-party studio, which is scheduled to go live on October 19, 2 PM PDT/5 PM EDT at YouTube.

During recent showcase stream, Konami reveals several upcoming Silent Hill video games and a movie reboot.

Silent Hill 2 Remake
At long last, Konami has revealed developing a remake of 2001 survival horror game Silent Hill 2 alongside Polish developer Bloober Team. Announced as PlayStation 5 console timed-exclusive, SH2 Remake is also coming to PC via Steam later.

For a complete remake, original composer Akira Yamaoka and artist Masahiro Ito finally returns to collaborate with creative team. Newest trailer showcases highly detailed graphics, gameplay overhaul, new music, voice over work and more.

Staying true to original, Bloober Team aimed at keeping a similar atmosphere and attempted to modernize its gameplay. SH2 Remake takes an over-the-shoulder camera approach and entirely rebuilds combat system for a visceral experience.

Bloober is working on their next ambitious game with Unreal Engine 5, using Lumen and Nanite technologies. Silent Hill 2 will be helmed by Mateusz Lenart, creative director of Blair Witch and The Medium, with huge tech support from Sony.

Silent Hill: Townfall
Through a cryptic teaser, Annapurna Interactive and No Code announces Silent Hill: Townfall, a new game by co-producer Konami. Set around a mysterious premise, Townfall has yet to reveal its platform of release or official launch window.

Scottish studio No Code previously worked on 2019 sci-fi thriller Observation and 2017 episodic horror adventure Stories Untold. While respecting source material, Townfall could be a little bit different, may be a first-person Silent Hill project.

Return to Silent Hill
With a number of video game projects in works, a reboot for Silent Hill movie franchise has also been green-lit. Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf, Saint Ange), director of original 2006 Silent Hill movie will return for a re-imagined film.

Return to Silent Hill will rediscover the plot of Silent Hill 2, which is full of horrors and monsters including Pyramid Head. Once producer Victor Hadida made a pitch to Konami, it eventually led them to go along with a Silent Hill sequel remake.

Silent Hill: Ascension
Among multiple Silent Hill projects, there was a rumored interactive experience that is revealed as Silent Hill: Ascension, a live real-time interactive series for yet to be confirmed platforms and is currently scheduled to launch later in July 2023.

Ascension is planned as a streaming series for entire community to shape entire canon of Silent Hill. It will be created in collaboration with livestream platform Genvid Technologies, developer Behaviour Interactive with DJ2 Entertainment Inc.

Silent Hill f
A new mainline entry in a long-running series, Silent Hill f will feature character designer Kera as well as horror author Ryukishi07. Originally leaked as codename "Sakura", Taiwan-based studio NeoBards Entertainment will develop the project.

Set in 1960's Japan, Silent Hill f trailer takes you to a rural townscape, taken over by widespread fungal growth. A school girl is seen desperately running away from invasive plants until she gets overtaken by them only to have her face peel off.

Announcement for a return of long-dormant horror series was truly a treat for fans of Silent Hill ahead of Halloween festival this year. However, there was no mention of a long-rumored game that is being developed by director Hideo Kojima.

Silent Hill Transmission 2022 confirms majority of reports shared by industry insiders for in past few years. Konami was apparently inspired by modern remakes of classic Resident Evil games in recent years to develop a remake and new titles.
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