Square Enix Montréal to Shut Down Four Mobile Games in January 2023

A handful of mobile games are being shut down by Square Enix Montréal after their buyout and rebranding as Studio Onoma earlier.

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Square Enix Montréal to Shut Down Four Mobile Games in January 2023

Originally founded back in 2011 to work on premium games, Canadian developer studio Square Enix Montréal quickly shifted their focus on free-to-play mobile games market in 2013 and was acquired by Embracer Group a few months ago.

After being rebranded as Studio Onoma, it was shut down by Embracer this summer and some employees moved to Eidos Montréal. Following their recent closure, Square Enix Montréal has revealed to shut down four mobile games soon.

Studio Onoma recently confirmed shutting down Arena Battle Champions, Deus Ex Go, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows and Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes by delisting them from iOS App Store and Google Play Store starting early next month.

Once they are removed on December 1, players who already own them will be able to continue playing until January 4, 2023. At that point, you will lose any access to play these games and no in-game purchases will be refunded afterwards.

Onoma Studio has shared a message regarding four mobile games shut down in coming months on Twitter.

Latest announcement on social media also urged people to use their in-game purchases before January 4, 2023. Square Enix Montréal was rebranded with a goal to serve as an umbrella for a bunch of unique initiatives, programs and more.

Embracer Group has acquired Studio Onoma alongside Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montréal and a catalog of known IPs. Bloomberg report claims, Eidos has started working a new Deus Ex game beside a new IP and Xbox-exclusive game Fable.
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