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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Control: The Foundation DLC Release Date

Remedy Entertainment will be releasing The Foundation, first-ever paid DLC expansion for Control on March 26.

One of the most heavily praised release of last year, action-adventure game Control from developer Remedy Entertainment and publisher 505 Games made a decent debut on PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Remedy has yet to explore many distant parts of Oldest House through additional post-launch content and a brief teaser trailer on social media recently announced March 26 release date for The Foundation, first paid DLC of Control.

control the foundation dlc release date pc egs ps4 xb1 jesse faden remedy entertainment 505 games
Control: The Foundation DLC Release Date

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Latest teaser features a conversation between protagonist Jesse Faden and most probably, security chief Simon Arish. She is worried for Head of Operations Helen Marshall, who went missing nearing end of story mode campaign.

She would likely to head to Black Rock Quarry, which is supposed to be a foundation for Oldest House. Given how Federal Bureau of Control headquarters keeps dealing with weird stuffs, a mysterious new journey awaits Jesse for sure.

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Only two weeks left to release, teaser for The Foundation expansion gives away details that are pretty vague.

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Remedy has rolled out a photo mode update as well as end-game mode Expeditions for free last year. The Foundation, however is their first major expansion pack and will get at least one more follow-up DLC titled AWE later.

The Foundation DLC will arrive first on PS4 as a standalone purchase and owner of Season Pass will receive it for free. Players on PC platform and Xbox One console will eventually get their hands on the expansion on a later date.

Sea of Thieves: Heart of Fire Update Live Now

Latest free monthly content update Heart of Fire for Sea of Thieves adds new Tall Tale, weapons and more.

Due to last minute discovery of an issue, developer Rare Studio and publisher Microsoft Studios had to push back release of latest Heart of Fire monthly content update by a couple of days for 2018 action-adventure title Sea of Thieves.

Heart of Fire free update is now rolled out on Windows PC, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox One for eager pirates to let them take on new voyages, experience story-driven Tall Tales, earn Pirate Legend status, rewards and much more.

sea of thieves heart of fire free monthly content update dlc pc xb1 dlc rare studio
Sea of Thieves: Heart of Fire Update Live Now

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Before going in-depth of major features added in Heart of Fire update, take a look at its official trailer below.

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This month, Duke is handing out special Athena's Run voyages only for Pirate Legends on behalf of Pirate Lord. It will send them in quest for precious treasures and if you are not legendary yet, tag along as part of someone else's crew.

You can be part of this adventure even if you are non-Legend and have spoils of riches to cash them in to mysterious stranger. Or you can go up against a Pirate Legends to take them down, instead of working together and steal their loot.

sea of thieves heart of fire pirate legends athenas run voyage doubloon free monthly content update dlc pc xb1 dlc rare studio
Clash of Pirate Legends

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Pirate Lord encourages everyone to look for Athena's Treasures that includes objects like chalice of ancient fortune and keg of ancient black powder and more, which earns you gold and invaluable Athena's Fortune reputation.

Exchange enough treasures with mysterious stranger to unlock Commendations and Ghost ship cosmetics. Heart of Fire update also introduces throwable explosive weapons Blunderbomb and Chainshot to use against hostile enemies.

sea of thieves heart of fire rare treasures pirate emporium chalices of ancient fortune free monthly content update dlc pc xb1 dlc rare studio
Earn Rare Treasures

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Newest Tall Tale mission picks up from Seabound Soul storyline as Sir Arthur Pendragon is still seeking for location of Captain Flameheart at Devil's Roar to save souls of his lost crewmates, with two-timer Stitcher Jim following his trail.

Sea of Thieves: Heart of Fire free update adds fresh cosmetics, emotes and pets to Black Market. Much-requested Royal Sea Squirrel set has recently arrived on Pirate Emporium and there are discounts on many select items.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Former Horizon Zero Dawn Producer Responds to Angry Fans Over PC Port

In response to angry PlayStation fans on Twitter, former Guerrilla Games producer defends decision for PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Right after developer Guerrilla Games has officially confirmed a month-old rumor for PC version of 2017 action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn lately, it sparked a reaction among PlayStation 4 player community online.

Many who are upset are part of a vocal minority that is not happy that HZD will no longer be an exclusive to Sony platform. A former producer at Guerrilla Games, Sam Sharma recently reaches out one of these angry fans with a response.

horizon zero dawn pc port angry fan video reaction former producer pc release summer 2020 guerrilla games action rpg game ps4 aloy
Former Horizon Zero Dawn Producer Responds to Angry Fans Over PC Port

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When an irritated PS4 player shared a video clip of a trashed office earlier, implying that it was vandalized by that outraged fan as a reaction to the announcement, former producer of the game Sam Sharma decided to reply back.

This user @THEAP99 on Twitter has tagged a number of Sony associates who worked on or somehow have ties to Horizon, which probably lead Sharma to take notice of this ranting video that has now been watched over a million times.

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Upon seeing a heated response, Sharma reaches out to that fuming fan by saying the following on his Twitter.

When Sharma chimed in to that Tweet, PlayStation fans on social media became split arguing over merit of this move from Sony. Many are really appreciative to decision of HZD port and then some are on serious meltdown mode.

Soon, it was all revealed to be a prank from a parody account that was planned for months. Nevertheless, a lot of fans are really annoyed that a PlayStation 4-exclusvie game would now become available to another platform.

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Some are even pointing out that "Only on PlayStation" marketing line on games are literally a scam then. As Sharma pointed out, releasing a previously exclusive game for a new platform after years shouldn't takeaway one's enjoyment.

Horizon Zero Dawn may have sold its share of units on PS4 console already but its sales number on PC may be a driving factor for them to consider this strategy in future and there could be more ports from current console generation.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to PC in Summer 2020

PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn will be coming on summer 2020 and Sony has no plans to port every PlayStation exclusives.

Last year, a rumor from Russian YouTuber Anton Logvinov hinted that critically-acclaimed 2017 action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn, a PlayStation 4-exclusive from developer Guerrilla Games may get a PC port by early 2020.

Then in January 2020, a Kotaku report from Jason Schreier has confirmed that very claim and most recently, Hermen Hulst of Worldwide Studios has announced a PC version of HZD has been scheduled to come out in summer 2020.

horizon zero dawn pc release summer 2020 guerrilla games action rpg game ps4 aloy
Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to PC in Summer 2020

RELAETD: Horizon Zero Dawn May Come to PC

Horizon Zero Dawn was launched in February 2017 by publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and become one of the best-selling PS4 games of all time by selling over 10 million copies worldwide by its second year anniversary.

HZD getting a PC port is a first for Sony to release one of their internally developed first-party titles to a platform outside of PlayStation, except for PlanetSide 2 from Sony Online Entertainment and this is a very unusual for them.

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Although Sony published Hideo Kojima's widely-anticipated 2019 release Death Stranding on PS4 last year, its PC version is getting released by 505 Games and in that case, developer Kojima Productions was an independent studio.

Same goes for French game developer studio Quantic Dream, who released PC version for some of their well-known titles at least more than a year later that were previously launched by Sony as exclusives to PlayStation consoles.

RELAETD: Job Listing Suggests Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel in Development?

In his recent interview, Hulst explains that open-world game Horizon Zero Dawn is just a great fit for a more powerful hardware than PS4 and Sony is keen to show people what they are truly missing out as they stay open to new ideas.

However, releasing one first-party AAA game on PC simply doesn't mean that every other PlayStation IPs will now follow and make debut on a different platform, even though Microsoft has been using this same strategy for years.

RELAETD: Horizon Zero Dawn Hits 10 Million Sales

Though rumor for a sequel to Horizon was revealed by a voice actor followed by a job listing in November 2019 almost confirmed that, Guerilla Games remains completely silent and wants everyone to focus on its upcoming PC port.

Horizon Zero Dawn is currently listed on Steam as Complete Edition of the game and is published by PlayStation Mobile. PC version will include add-on items and The Frozen Wilds expansion pack alongside HZD full game.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Mortal Kombat 11 Adds Spawn

Gameplay trailer of DLC character Spawn for Mortal Kombat 11 reveals first look of his demonic appearance.

Long before revealing of Kombat Pack and an official confirmation from developer NetherRealm Studios, veteran comic-book creator Todd McFarlane (Haunt, Venom) has teased of his popular creation Spawn to join Mortal Kombat 11 in 2018.

This iconic anti-hero from Image Comics is currently headed to join roster of 2.5D fighting game MK11 on March 17 as part of Early Access for Kombat Pack owners and then will become available for all major platforms on March 24, 2020.

mortal kombat 11 spawn al simmons superhero image comics todd mc farlane nether realm studio pc ps4 xb1
Mortal Kombat 11 Adds Spawn

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NetherRealm has released an official gameplay trailer to showcase what Spawn is bringing to the table.

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Jumping into arena from above a church, Spawn engages Scorpion in a duel and immediately starts employing his cape, chains and firearms. Is attack includes pulling a fiery chain out of the ninja specter and a crushing blow to his abdomen.

In showdown against Erron Black and Kotal Kahn, he pulls out a few more tricks with his shackles and burned them in Hellfire for a bit. There are an extensive use of weapons in combat and stabbing at rival players with his chains involved.

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Facing off against Scorpion, Spawn delivers a Krushing Blow that is getting his opponent caught into a mini-explosion before raining bullets on him. It ends up with two demonic hands reaching out of ground to pull his enemy for a final finishing.

When performing his Fatality move "Rest in Pieces", Spawn would simply guide his chains to strangle his challenger and strip flesh out. Finally, he then cloaked them up in Necroplasm aura under his cape to rip the rest of their body.

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Spawn has debuted back in 1992; same year as Mortal Kombat and these two franchises are finally crossing over after 28 years. NetherRealm dev team has spent over six months to get his iconic costume and cape just right for MK11.

Original voice actor Keith David (Barbershop, Pitch Black) from Emmy award-winning HBO animated series Todd McFarlane's Spawn will be reprising his role through in-game dialogue and interaction with many series characters.

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Spawn is joining as sixth and final DLC character alongside Nightwolf, Shang Tsung, Sindel, Terminator T-800 and The Joker. Kombat Pack owners will also get access to Matinee Skin Pack and Spawn-inspired character skin for Jacqui Briggs.

Mortal Kombat 11 is currently available to play on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Todd McFarlane is making his directorial debut with a Spawn live-action feature film that is currently under development.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

No Man's Sky: Living Ship Update Live Now

Latest free update Living Ship for No Man's Sky lets you grow and hatch your own organic, sentient spaceship.

Last year was truly amazing for multiplayer action-adventure survival game No Man's Sky with its groundbreaking release of free expansion updates Beyond and Synthesis for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One player community.

To continue delivering more content frequently in 2020, developer/publisher Hello Games launches their latest free update Living Ship on all available platforms, adding new ship class, story mission, space NPC and more.

no mans sky living ship free expansion update hello games pc steam ps4 xb1
No Man's Sky: Living Ship Update Live Now

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A brand-new trailer launched by Hello Games showcases key-elements of No Man's Sky: Living Ship update.

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Latest update makes debut of a new class of starship to add to your fleet, which are actually sentient creatures known as Living Ship. They are organic entities who can grow in variations and are capable to take you to interstellar voyages.

In a series of story missions called "Starbirth", players can head over to ancient Korvax experiments to unlock secrets about their origin and those who want to raise one of them should visit to Space Anomaly collecting Void Egg.

no mans sky tentacle cockpit new sentient starship class living ship free expansion update hello games pc steam ps4 xb1
New Sentient Starship Class

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These biological ships have their own fleshy technologies and can be upgraded with organic materials. Each one of them should be hatched and nurtured to grow your custom ship with hyperdrive or tentacle covered cockpit.

Living Ship update makes an ever so expansive NMS a lot more creepy yet interesting than it already is. While scouting through star systems, there might be rare space encounters with new and strange objects or dangerous lifeforms.

no mans sky rare space encounters new lifeforms living ship free expansion update hello games pc steam ps4 xb1
Rare Space Encounters

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During your travel to endless space, you may very well come across some NPCs and stop by to say hello to them. Many of them are just merchants who want to see if you are interested in buying something or maybe are looking for help.

Upon release, No Man's Sky was a huge disappointment to players because of repetitive gameplay and missing features. Hello Games dropped several free updates since then and NMS has truly become what they originally promised.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Sea of Thieves: Crews of Rage Update Live Now

Rare Studio adding blazing new host of content in monthly free update Crews of Rage for Sea of Thieves.

Time for Pirates across all seas to jump in joy as developer Rare Studio and publisher Microsoft Studios just rolled out monthly free content update Crews of Rage for 2018 action-adventure game Sea of Thieves on available platforms.

Crews of Rage will be introducing new treasure Chests and encounter with Ashen skeleton enemies at Devil's Roar. Latest update goes live for players on Windows PC, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox One from today, February 19, 2020.

sea of thieves crews of rage free monthly content update dlc pc xb1 dlc rare studio
Sea of Thieves: Crews of Rage Update Live Now

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Rare Studio also dropped a new trailer featuring some changes and key-features of recent monthly update.

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Sea of Thieves is getting heated up with newly added fiery cursed chests called Chest of Rage and Duke is ready to send you after new Bounty Voyages so you can find these boxes holding souls of lost pirate crews trapped within.

Fueled by their impulsive emotions, those unstable trunks can explode anytime and set your ship on fire if you are not careful. Simply sinking them into sea for a while or putting a bucket of water is what it takes to cool them down.

sea of thieves cursed chest of rage bounty voyage devil’s roar crews of rage free monthly content update dlc pc xb1 dlc rare studio
Cursed Chest of Rage

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Chest of Rage can be used in fighting against a horde of deadly skeleton foes or hand them over to Masked Stranger on Reaper's Hideout for a handsome payout as she is more than happy to take your troubles and pay you in double gold.

There are five Tomes of Resurrection locked in chests that belong to final set of Ashen Tomes. Collect these scorching texts from Molten Sands Fortress or fighting Ashen Guardians and take them to Duke to unlock special cosmetics.

sea of thieves reaper's heart pets pirate emporium mc caw capuchin crews of rage free monthly content update dlc pc xb1 dlc rare studio
Reaper's Heart Pets

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A wide range of new items like cannons, emotes, hulls, musical instruments and sails have arrived on Black Market for your character and ship. Pirate Emporium will offer you Reaper's Heart cursed pets of dark magic as trusty companion.

Players can finally change physical outlook their character using Pirate Appearance Potion for 149 Ancient Coins or $1.49 only. You can either randomly select a set pirate avatar from available variety or take time building your persona.

sea of thieves molten sands fortress challenge captain flameheart commendations crews of rage free monthly content update dlc pc xb1 dlc rare studio
Molten Sands Fortress Roars

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Except for Molten Sands fortress at Devil's Roar, activity among all skeleton forts has been muted down lately. Ashen Skeletons have gathered there under leadership of a Skeleton Lord and taking him down earn you hefty rewards.

Sea of Thieves player community has just an impressive $76,205.90 amount by purchasing Pathfinder Sails sets for charity organization SpecialEffect that helps people with disabilities by making gaming more accessible to them.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge Revealed

Operation Void Edge free update for tactical shooter title Rainbow Six Siege is about to go live on test servers.

After a tease back in February 10, developer/publisher Ubisoft has revealed Operation Void Edge free update today for online tactical shooter game Rainbow Six Siege before wrapping up its fourth season during Six Invitational 2020.

Siege will include two brand-new Operators, gameplay updates, rework of Oregon map and more in upcoming Year 5 Season 1 content. Void Edge will go live on test servers from February 17, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

rainbow six siege operation void edge dlc operator iana oryx revealed ubisoft pc ps4 xb1
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge Revealed

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Ubisoft has rolled out a trailer for R6 Siege highlighting gameplay mechanics and other details of new Operators.

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Dutch descendant Iana is a new Attacker in Team Rainbow and a systems engineering specialist. She is a normal-speed, medium-armor Rainbow agent who primarily wields ARX 200 or G36C assault rifle and creates holograms to deceive enemies.

Using her Gemini Replicator gadget, she makes holographic copy that really can't do any harm but creates confusion among rival team. However, her lifelike deceptions are of less use while facing Operators like Bandit, Kaid, Maestro and Mute.

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Also joining in is a new Defender from GIGR regiment named Oryx, who is a Jordanian powerhouse of brute strength. Using his unique Remah Dash ability, he can easily smash barricades and walls that have no reinforcements.

Oryx usually carries a SPAS-12 shotgun and MP5 assault rifle when he is not busy ramming into other Operators. His dash attack is pretty intimidating against shield-bearing Operators like Blitz, Fuze, Montagne, Recruit and Tachanka.

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Attacking Operator Ash gets to dress up as original Lara Croft in first Elite set on launch of recent season.

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Operation Void Edge will add Tomb Raider gadget skin, headgear, uniform and victory animation for Ash in Year 5 Season 1 first Elite set. Her breaching rounds firing M120 CREM, G36C and R4-C assault rifle gets makeover as well.

Her dual wield position from the trailer maybe part of her Lara Croft victory pose for now but you may expect that ability to be introduced in future. This is a first ever intercompany character skin crossover from Ubisoft with another publisher.

ash elite set lara croft tomb raider rainbow six siege operation void edge dlc ubisoft pc ps4 xb1
Ash Elite Set: Lara Croft

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Oregon map has gone through some renovation before latest season starts with new access points and open spaces. Its big office tower now connects with kitchen corridor upon removal of an exterior door in dining hall bombsite.

These two new Operators will become available on Operation Void Edge launch day for Year 5 Pass owners of Rainbow Six Siege. Players on all platforms can also unlock Iana and Oryx only a week later spending R6 credits or Renown.

Friday, February 14, 2020

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Announced

Ahead of Steam release, developer Undead Labs announces major free update State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition.

Living up to its 2013 predecessor title State of Decay, open-world zombie survival game State of Decay 2 from developer Undead Labs and publisher Microsoft Studios is currently heading towards some major gameplay changes.

Today, dev team has announced State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition, an upcoming major free content update that will expand upon existing version with new content and add improvements for all players on Windows PC and Xbox One.

state of decay 2 juggernaut edition free content update undead labs microsoft studios pc steam xb1 game pass open-world zombie survival game
State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Announced

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In a latest official trailer, some major visual and gameplay changes of Juggernaut Edition are briefly highlighted.

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State of Decay 2 campaign mode is much more than just fighting zombies and there is much more to do. Entirety of post-tutorial section has been rebuilt to coach survivors in many key-elements like base-building and such.

Players will be able to explore a newly added open-world map in logging town of Providence Ridge and set up camp there. Heavy melee weapons like axe and sledgehammer will offer advantage in combat against undead enemies.

state of decay 2 juggernaut edition brand-new open world map providence ridge free content update undead labs microsoft studios pc steam xb1 game pass open-world zombie survival game
Providence Ridge Map

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With enhanced lighting and optimization, remastered graphics aims to provide better visuals. Reflecting on feedback from community, slight changes in control scheme are introduced by separating commands for dodge and stealth.

Previously released add-on Independence Pack, Daybreak Pack and State of Decay 2: Heartland will all be part of Juggernaut Edition as well. Aside from gameplay bugs and fixes, audio experience is improved and more tracks are included.

state of decay 2 juggernaut edition two-handed heavy melee weapon free content update undead labs microsoft studios pc steam xb1 game pass open-world zombie survival game
Heavy Melee Weapon

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Those who already purchased these DLC packs are eligible to receive exclusive in-game items on its launch day by simply logging in. You can place your pre-order now to join in a group of six million survivors for biggest SoD experience ever.

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition is scheduled to arrive for Microsoft Store, Steam and Xbox Game Pass on March 13, 2020. From day one, players will have cross-play support for co-op zombie-killing adventure over all platforms.