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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Nioh 2 TGS 2019 Gameplay Demo

Latest gameplay footage of samurai adventure game Nioh 2 from TGS 2019 demo features a new boss fight.

Shortly before Tokyo Game Show 2019, upcoming action role-playing title Nioh 2 from developer studios Koei Tecmo Games and Team Ninja accidentally revealed an early 2020 release that was later confirmed officially.

Later at TGS 2019, a brief demo was presented for attendees at the event that features its half-breed protagonist and an opening level and courtesy of PlayStation Access, that gameplay video is out now for all to take a look at it.

nioh 2 gameplay demo footage ps4 tokyo game show 2019 new boss fight
Nioh 2 TGS 2019 Gameplay Demo

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Although a 15 minutes gameplay video doesn't give away much, it still offers enough glimpses at how things play out.

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Nioh 2 allows you a wide variety of customization to fulfill your dark samurai RPG fantasies before going into action. Players can create new characters by choosing body type, gender, hair, voice and unique Yokai powers of their own choice.

In first Nioh, you had to assume role of an Irish Samurai named William but now that options for character customizing is made available, it opens up door for more immersive experience and will give players reason to spend more time on it.

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Its retains Ki system from first game that indicates your stamina, something very essential to perform any move and depending on that aspect, you should prioritize whether you will strike at your enemies or play defense.

After each attack, you can refill stamina by using "Ki Pulse" like before and it comes in very handy at times. There are three difference stances to choose from; offensive high-stance, defensive low-stance and balanced middle-stance.

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You start with Cherry Blossom Cursed Village mission with a select number of deadly weapons and Yokai powers to unleash. There will be a number of flying Yokai enemy types to confront that requires long range shots to take down.

Another very important part of combat is to never let your guard down, because it will cost you dearly when you do. Upon death, your gained experience and Guardian Spirit will remain there but if you are killed again, they are lost forever.

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A horse-like Yokai called Mezuki with a saw-like weapon was one of first challenging enemy and it is defeated with combined movesets of attacks and dodges. When that brought no result at all, switching into a defensive style seemed appropriate.

Based on your chosen Guardian Spirit type, your Yokai character manifests itself and helps you gain an upper hand in a fight. There are more to discover that are part of an upgraded battle system but will need longer play than a trial version.

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Below is a trailer that was published back in May and sent to Closed Alpha testers ahead of TGS 2019 show.

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Team Ninja has announced earlier for an Open Beta to arrive on PlayStation Store on November 1, 2019. Whether or not the game remains a PlayStation 4-exclusive or will get a PC and Xbox One version launch is yet to be seen.

Original Nioh came out in early 2017 for PS4 and ended up selling more than 2.5 million copies worldwide to masocore fans. Nioh 2 is a continuation of where it's acclaimed predecessor ended and makes overall improvement.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot TGS 2019 Trailer

TGS 2019 trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot reveals a release date for January 2020 and Buu story arc.

Originally titled as Dragon Ball Game – Project Z, developer CyberConnect2 and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed their upcoming Dragon Ball action role-playing game to be Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot at E3 2019.

In spirit of recent Tokyo Game Show 2019 event, an official release date for the game is announced. It will arrive for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms on January 17, 2020 and is now already available for pre-order.

dragon ball z kakarot tgs 2019  cyber connect 2 bandai namco pc ps4 xb1
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot TGS 2019 Trailer

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Dragon Ball fans are all in for another epic journey of one of most beloved heroes of the franchise they call Kakarot.

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Whether you are a newcomers or old fan of Dragon Ball Z universe, Kakarot offers you an action RPG experience like never before. It will cover most notable moments and story of heroic events, more than any other titles did in past.

Seasoned fans are going to get taste of original stories through dialogue and sub-quests, some created by author Akira Toriyama. There are lots of quests and traveling through open-world maps that gives you something new to discover.

dragon ball z kakarot collectors edition content bandai namco ps4 xb1 diorama
Kakarot Collector's Edition Content

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Collector's Edition for Kakarot for PS4 and Xbox One version is priced $199.99 and adds Season Pass alongside base game. It also comes with a hardcover artbook, collectible SteelBook case, a world hub map and an exclusive diorama.

Sized 20x20x20 cm, this excellent plastic display piece is a thing of beauty that features Goku and Gohan riding on Flying Nimbus and a surprised dinosaur by their side, a must have high-quality figurine item to collect for every die-hard fans.

dragon ball z kakarot pre-order bonus content bandai namco pc ps4 xb1 new character bonyu
Kakarot Pre-Order Bonus Content

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For each digital pre-order, you will receive a Cooking Item to permanently boost your Melee ATK and HP stats, extra sub-quest and early unlock to a Training Menu to fight Bonyu, a brand-new character created by Toriyama.

Bandai Namco has also revealed through TGS 2019 trailer that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will also be covering Majin Buu story arc, which gives players more reason to jump into it and play as Goku for extensive Dragon Ball Z experience.

Resident Evil Project Resistance Gameplay Overview

Tokyo Game Show 2019 brings new gameplay overview of upcoming Resident Evil experience Project Resistance.

Shortly ahead of Tokyo Game Show 2019, developer/publisher Capcom has announced brand-new Resident Evil title Project Resistance for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms before releasing a new teaser trailer for fans.

Today at TGS 2019, fans received a better look at overall gameplay mechanics of their upcoming project that is aiming to explore survival horror genre slight differently that they usually do in mainline RE games.

resident evil project resistance gameplay overview trailer tgs 2019 pc ps4 xb1 capcom
Resident Evil Project Resistance Gameplay Overview

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Latest overview video released at TGS 2019 sheds light on how things play out in Project Resistance.

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Capcom calls Project Resistance a 1v4 asymmetric online survival horror experience that pits four among five players in a game of cat and mouse chase as survivors to stay alive against all odds and is still set in Resident Evil universe.

A mystery man from first teaser video who looked awfully similar to Albert Wesker is actually a new guy named Daniel Fabron. Four young survivors are Samuel Jordan, January Van Sant, Valerie Harmon and Tyrone Henry.

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Each of them are specialized in different skills be it hacking, healing, melee attack or even reducing damage. Using their variety of skills with proper teamwork, players can defeat those bio-weapons set loose on them and escape.

There are specific objectives to complete before moving onto a new area and working together helps you find items or solve puzzles. If your teammate is injured, they can be revived but if not, they will die and respawn to kill valuable time.

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One of them playing as Mastermind will summon monstrous creatures to hunt them, set traps or manipulate surrounding environment while tracking them using security cameras and those four will have to survive using their own special skills.

If deemed necessary, Mastermind can even take direct control of any zombies or even the Tyrant named Mr. X to stop them. Survivors can only win by making an escape though tackling all obstacles thrown at them before time runs out.

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Whether or not Project Resistance is set around the same period of Raccoon City outbreak from Resident Evil 2, it sure reuses assets like gore effect, map location, designs of featuring bio-weapons like regular zombies or Lickers.

Taiwanese game studio NeoBards Entertainment, who previously worked with Capcom on Onimusha: Warlords for PS4 and Resident Evil Origins Collection are in co-development process for Resident Evil game Project Resistance.

Death Stranding TGS 2019 Gameplay Demo

Tokyo Game Show 2019 presentation opens up with a "Briefing" for Death Stranding and deep within gameplay.

After a surprise appearance at Gamescom 2019, game director Hideo Kojima promised to reveal more gameplay details on upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive action game Death Stranding at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Before starting TGS presentation, a seven-minute long "Briefing" trailer is released from developer Kojima Productions and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment that will unfold more story depth to already confused fans.

death stranding tokyo game show 2019 gameplay demo ps4 norman reedus character sam bridges
Death Stranding TGS 2019 Gameplay Demo

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Following "Briefing" trailer sheds light on how Sam Bridges has a key role to play in reconnecting the world.

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Protagonist Sam Porter Bridges is accompanied into White House Oval Office by Bridges affiliate, Die-Hardman. He shows Amelie to him as a new leader for United Cities of America in their first step to rebuild the entire nation.

She is the daughter of previous President Bridget and planned on connecting all remaining cities under Chiral Network. Sam however is not too pleased to see them or want to work for them, probably because of some bitter experience from past.

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She arranged a mission to look for survivors with best of Bridges 1 and successfully lead them all avoiding BTs (Beached Thing). In three years, they convinced many communities to join UCA but things went south when they came to Edge Knot City.

They came across a militant separatist group called "Homo Demons", who took out their team and held her hostage to protect their liberty. In actual, they are terrorists who kill people and don't shy away from engineering "Voidout".

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Sam is called in here to go for a rescue mission on Edge Knot City to bring Amelie back home from their grasp but he cynically declines to work for them ever again, saying they also are a cult like those Demons and he is not a part of them anymore.

Then a 49-minute long gameplay video presented by Kojima himself at Tokyo Game Show 2019 was unveiled to fans. To avoid any major spoilers he edited out a few things but rest is just a deep-dive into playing aspects of Death Stranding.

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Here goes the archive video of Death Stranding from PlayStation booth stage event, presented by director Hideo Kojima.

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Before heading onto any expedition, Sam has to prepare himself with cargo loadout and balance his tools. Every attachment carries weight on him which can impact his movement and his stamina bar may run out pretty fast.

Take a good look at the map to see what sort of terrain you are going to explore, if they have hills to climb or if there is water to pass by. Then plan out your course for journey and pack necessary tools like anchors or ladders.

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Making rounds through a fractured world Sam will not come across other players but may find something useful that someone else have left behind. Often times, these items will greatly aid you and so, don't forget to leave a like for them.

In between carrying out those packages take a moment of rest by sitting on grass and maybe take a nap as well. To put some pressure off, Sam can lighten his load by placing his cargo on a Floating Carrier that will follow him along.

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At one point, he uses it like a skateboard for climbing down from an extremely rocky area to sneak on MULE enemy camp. There he appeared to have stolen one of their trucks for transport and can ride a motorcycle if he wishes to.

Light travel lets you move at a faster pace and he may have trouble balancing himself if there is too much load over his shoulder. Aside from taking care of himself in Recharging Spring, Sam can try to cheer up his Bridge Baby sometime.

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In a boss battle against a beastly BT creature, Sam repeatedly used a weapon called EX Grenade to defeat it. If you manage to spot one of them from far and undetected, then using Anti-BT Handgun on them will be a good idea.

During struggle of your journey, you may often lose a cargo on your way but be sure to get that back when you can. Upon completing deliveries to communities, they will thank him and are most likely to connect with Chiral Network.

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Ever since Kojima has split up with his former employer and publisher Konami, he has been working on a game where he received extensive support from Sony Interactive Entertainment to unleash his creative talent on his new project.

Death Stranding is currently heading towards a set release date of November 8, 2019 to arrive on PS4 and though there are theories of it coming to PC platform after a timed exclusivity period, no official confirmation were given so far.

Nioh 2 TGS 2019 Trailer

Latest gameplay trailer for upcoming Action RPG title Nioh 2 from TGS 2019 showcases mythical Yokai.

Only a few weeks ago, developer studios Koei Tecmo Games and Team Ninja teaming up with publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment have announced to reveal more of their upcoming action role-playing title Nioh 2 at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Shortly after uploading to official YouTube channel of U.S. PlayStation, a trailer was quickly removed earlier only to republish it again hours later to offer us brief look into gameplay and a possible release window set for early 2020.

nioh 2 gameplay trailer tokyo game show 2019 release date early 2020 playstation 4 koei tecmo games team ninja sony interactive entertainment
Nioh 2 TGS 2019 Trailer

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Witness your first ever glimpse of Yokai action mechanics in latest Nioh 2 gameplay trailer straight from TGS 2019.

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TGS 2019 trailer focuses on its half-breed protagonist and gameplay elements inspired from Souls series. As part human and part Yokai, he wields immense power at his command that is displayed in some fearsome boss battles.

Team Ninja has also brought a playable demo for Tokyo Game Show this week featuring an opening level called The Village of Cursed Blossoms. Players will find themselves facing dreaded threats here among natural beauties.

nioh 2 gameplay trailer tokyo game show 2019 mythical yokai release date early 2020 playstation 4 koei tecmo games team ninja sony interactive entertainment
Mythical Yokai Abound

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An essential aspect of Nioh franchise is Yokai and these mystical beasts are playing major part in entire story. Each of these creatures is themed on unique characteristics and there are a number of varieties to keep you challenged.

Another deadly beast known as Mezuki carrying a saw-like weapon is also part of latest TGS demo. Players who will engage it in combat will have a test of their skill because when in Dark Realm, they become fiercer than ever.

nioh 2 gameplay trailer tokyo game show 2019 guardian spirit magami release date early 2020 playstation 4 koei tecmo games team ninja sony interactive entertainment
Guardian Spirit Magami

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Team Ninja made an interesting choice to join a crowded release window of early 2020 when it will be competing against major AAA-titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII Remake and The Last of Us 2, or it can just come out in January.

Aspiring to be a worthy successor of its critically-acclaimed 2017 predecessor, Nioh 2 improves on overall design and story. It will pick up from where the original game ended as a follow-up and will offer players a wide variety of customization.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Resident Evil Project Resistance Teaser

Capcom debuts new teaser trailer for upcoming Resident Evil expeience "Project Resistance" before Tokyo Game Show 2019.

At the end of last month, developer/publisher Capcom teased of a brand-new Resident Evil project titled Project Resistance an official website and announced to reveal more details at Tokyo Game Show 2019, on September 9.

Many have deemed that something similar to Resident Evil Outbreak may be in works and we are still due a full release title. Shortly ahead of TGS 2019, an official teaser is just dropped for an upcoming survival horror experience.

resident evil project resistance teaser trailer mr x capcom tokyo game show 2019 pc ps4 xb1

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Here is a brief look at newly released cinematic trailer of upcoming team-based survival horror Project Resistance.

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The beginning of the video shows off a mystery man from shadows walking into some sort of control room. He observes four youngsters entering a large room which is part of a secret laboratory that is likely belong to Umbrella Corporation.

They move to a warehouse like area and the mystery man starts releasing a number of Zombies on them to see if they survive. Working together as a team, these four have managed to put them all down, including a rabid Licker.

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Just as they were trying to catch a breath afterwards, a giant door in front of them opens to reveal the infamous Tyrant known as Mr. X standing thereby and the guy puts two mechanical gauntlets in his hands, asserting full control over it.

This could very well be that premise of this new game is set during Raccoon City outbreak event from Resident Evil 2. Mr. X in Project Resistance trailer looks awfully similar to recently released RE2Make and Albert Wesker might be the mystery man.

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In early August, Capcom sent invitations to U.S. based members of RE Ambassadors program to test a new game from Resident Evil series and it pretty much fits the description other than Resident Evil 3 Remake or Resident Evil 8.

Project Resistance from Resident Evil series is going to release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Registered attendees from Japan who would show up at Capcom booth in Tokyo Game Show 2019 will get some glimpse at gameplay.