Monday, March 26, 2018

Destiny 2 "Go Fast" Update Details

Developer Bungie had a great start in 2017 with their multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny 2 but with time, the increased popularity of the game started to fade slowly. So, they tried to keep the vibe alive by constant update patches, seasonal events and DLC releases to keep players from running off. Most recently, their “Go Fast” patch have worked on a lot of fan complaints and we believe those will make the fans happy now.

destiny 2 go fast update
Destiny 2 "Go Fast" Update Details

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Also, check out the developer commentary clip below to know what "Go Fast" update from Bungie holds in store for you and how it will change the game.

Update 1.1.4 for Destiny 2 has already gone live for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with loads of changes that are mentioned in official Patch Notes. Bungie clearly wanted the players to feel more empowered with these brand-new adjustments they have made and we are discussing a major few of them here.

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Crucible Improvements
Crucible in Destiny 2 has been subjected to a lot of criticism for the last few months for being too slow and a bit too much team based. Bungie has noted all the fan pleading from the community and worked it up by making Iron Banner 6v6 again just like the standard from original Destiny. Also, it will keep rotating weekly alongside Mayhem and Rumble playlists. Score limit for Iron Banner is 125 points and you can respawn within 7 seconds in this 12 minutes play.

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A player with Power ammo will lose all of it if they die and half of what they had will drop for someone else to pick up for 30 seconds. During Control, Clash and Supremacy matches, they will spawn rather fast than 90 seconds to one third of that time. Yes, in freaking 90 seconds if you ask. So, they drop more frequently than they used to before. Rarely will you see a map repeated often and Quickplay matches are now extended to 10 minutes.

destiny 2 go fast warlock dawnblade subclass
Destiny 2 Dawnblade Warlock Subclass

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Dawnblade Warlock Changes
Tweaks and adjustments are there to bring balance to certain features of gameplay and patch 1.1.4 is all about that. Major balance changes came as Bungie has reversed The Titan dash ability back to how it was for players to cover more ground. Dawnblade Warlock subclass took the real cake on this one. All of the Warlocks got increased speed for glide ability and Dawnblade’s Daybreak super is buffed to be more effective. If you can pull out in right way, you're about to showcase some super-fast slick moves.

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Not only the Daybreak super duration is extended but Dawnblade is now allowed to throw more sword projectiles since the cost of throwing is decreased in update 1.1.4. Now the Icarus Dash will take only 6 seconds rather than the previous 10 seconds for cooldown. All players are about to enjoy casting more Super for the overall speed boost to all classes. Sounds like Bungie is doing justice to the name "Go Fast".

Repetition Reduction
Destiny 2 has been facing problem with repetition of strike playlists from the very beginning and it is really annoying. Suppose you are matching up for Quickplay but back-to-back Exotics from Exotic Engrams are getting on your nerves by showing you same strikes repeatedly. Now a repeat map protection is placed in patch 1.1.4 to make sure it doesn't happen to you during Quickplay, Competitive or even Iron Banner. Also, the same Crucible map will never come to you twice in a row.

destiny 2 exotic weapon silicon neuroma sniper rifle
Destiny 2 Silicon Neuroma Sniper Rifle

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Strike-Specific Reward
One other thing that Destiny 2 community has been begging to Bungie is that to put strike-specific loot for the game. These unique rewards can only be achieved in weekly Nightfall only though. For completing certain missions at Nightfall, you can get your hands on some Legendary weapons and Exotic accessories. For example, the new Silicon Neuroma sniper rifle can be yours if you are lucky enough on this week's Nightfall. Only downside we see for this aspect is their scarce drop rate but those odds can be evened by improving your Nightfall score.

Weapon Damage Increased
As part of weapon balance tweaks of update 1.1.4, almost each of the weapons got buffs in some way. The list is so broadly detailed that we can only mention a few of them here. Inflicting damage for Linear Fusion Rifles are increased by 50%, Shotguns by 35%, Sniper Rifles by 20%, Pulse Rifles by 16%, Hand Cannons, Scout Rifles and Sidearms by 15% and Submachine Guns by 10% including some variable details. You will be happy to know that blast radius of Grenade Launchers are also increased for more impact.

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Auto Rifles however, gets decreased range and aim assist on for all precision for some reason but they are still powerful as they were before. Hope you do remember that there was an issue earlier in Mayhem mode where you were allowed to throw unlimited Nova Bombs with Voidwalker subclass Warlocks. Well, that issue is fixed in this patch and you cannot do that anymore. Instead of previously set of 30%, Grave Robber will now reload half of the magazine.

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As far as we can tell, Bungie has reworked each Guardian class even if the change is the slightest. From relieving players from repetitive strikes and increased weapon buffs, they did quite well. Hopefully, "Go Fast" update will be finally able to bring the players back to the game once again. Bungie and Activision still has a long road ahead with Destiny 2 as it is only the first quarter of 2018 and there are a lot in their planned year road-map.