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The Last of Us 2 Rumoredly is Revenge Story Against Homophobic Cult

Rumored leak on 4Chan says, The Last of Us Part II is a story of revenge for Ellie against a religious homophobic cult.

Now that upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive title The Last of Us Part II by developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment has been delayed indefinitely due to COVID-19 pandemic, series fans are in great despair.

Everyone who played The Last of Us is waiting for years to experience next chapter of its upcoming sequel and apparently, an alleged "immediate family member" of a Naughty Dog employee has leaked its plot premise on 4Chan.

last of us part 2 ps4 exclusive homophobic christian cult revenge story naughty dog sony interactive entertainment
The Last of Us 2 Rumoredly is Revenge Story Against Homophobic Cult

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This leak sheds light on what Joel and Ellie are going up against aside from that villainous group from early trailers. It's really hard to tell how much of this rumor is actually legit, so taking it with a grain of salt will surely be a good idea.

In a now-deleted post on 4Chan, this leaker reveals that TLoU2 will be focusing on a revenge storyline against a homophobic cult. There are many significant detail and potential spoilers that you should go ahead on your own risk.


According to alleged leak, TLoU2 depicts a growing romance between Dina and Ellie, which you already know of by now from official trailers and at some point, these two crossed paths with a religious homophobic cult called Seraphites.

Before everything went south, there is a sort of romantic triangle going on between Dina, Ellie and Jesse, who is a guy of Asian descent. He was introduced in first gameplay reveal video of E3 2018 and was in a relationship with Dina before.

last of us part 2 dina and ellie romance ps4 exclusive naughty dog sony interactive entertainment
A Burgeoning Romance

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Dina is a bisexual girl who guys wants to date with but she decides to make her advances towards Ellie. Since she once used to date men, Ellie was not sure of whether to go ahead or not but eventually falls for her after a while.

Upon sharing an intimate moment, these two became a couple and came under attack by Seraphites, who killed Dina. This radical group sees themselves as righteous people, killing off sinners of the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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Referring themselves as "lambs", any outsiders they meet are considered as "wolf" or "enemy to the flock". Because of their extreme ways, they saw this passionate relationship among the girls as sinful and thus, ended up killing Dina.

This event has set Ellie on a quest of vengeance against them and previously, she is seen taking them down in gameplay footage. Of course, it is very clear now that she was talking about killing all members of Seraphites back then.

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She says to Joel in official reveal trailer that "I'm gonna find...and I'm gonna kill...every last one of them".

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Throughout her journey, Ellie is joined by Jesse seeking revenge for Dina but he ultimately died. She then receives an unexpected aid from her mentor Joel and apparently, he gets killed as well, or so says the assumed story leak.

Even though this is pretty hard to believe but given how The Last of Us is a franchise full of tragic events, it's not impossible. There were also theories by fans in past that Joel was already dead before Naughty Dog revealed him later.

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E3 2018 trailer offered brief cut-scene before showcasing gameplay, where it is shown that Seraphites were hanging someone. They either gut down or hang "Apostates" or former group members who have betrayed their ways.

Seraphites are all immune to Cordyceps infection and to prove that, every member gets a cut in cheek with an infected knife. This is a reason they deeming themselves as some sort of virtuous cult and feel justified for their brutal actions.

last of us part 2 ellie's mom anna ps4 exclusive naughty dog sony interactive entertainment
Anna, Alleged Mother of Ellie

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There is another group called WLF, which is run by brother of Marlene, leader of the Fireflies from The Last of Us. A mystery woman shown in second teaser trailer is revealed to be Ellie's mother, named Anna and was a friend of Marlene.

She was looking for a cure and had a baby with an immune male, who was later hanged for sleeping with an outsider or "wolf". After birth, Ellie was taken away to save her from Marlene and Seraphites but was found by the former.

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Naughty Dog most probably wouldn't want to officially make comment on any aspects of it for obvious reasons. Most of it sounds like an educated guesswork like many speculations that enthusiastic fans came up with before.

It was already made clear through The Last of Us Part II promotional media that its story will revolve around Ellie and her love-interest. If valid, then only interesting part that came out of it is her backstory and identity of her mother.


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