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GTA 6 Rumored to Feature a Female Protagonist

Newest rumor claims that Rockstar Games will have a playable female protagonist for Grand Theft Auto VI.

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GTA VI Rumored to Feature a Female Protagonist

Throughout its inception back in late 90's, crime action-adventure game franchise Grand Theft Auto by developer/publisher Rockstar Games primarily starred a male lead at center stage until most recent series entry Grand Theft Auto V.

A latest rumor hints that Rockstar Games will feature a female protagonist in upcoming highly-anticipated GTA series installment Grand Theft Auto VI alongside a male character for the very first-time in long-running franchise history.

According to a claim by social media agency Viral Junkie CEO and owner Tom Henderson, next GTA game will have female protagonists. Henderson also declined referring to a previous leak by former Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier.

Henderson is well-known for reporting on Call of Duty-related news in general but he failed to mention any sources here and therefore, his recent statement shouldn't be taken too seriously unless further evidence supports his claim.

Tom Henderson claims on Twitter that Grand Theft Auto VI will have a playable female protagonist.

Players could switch between three different characters in Grand Theft Auto V campaign story, which worked like a dream. Rockstar may add new dynamics to character-switching system to try and improve GTA VI gameplay mechanics.

Whether they would have individual characters like Franklin, Michael and Trevor with their own stories embedded into the plot or simply let everyone to create an identity of their own using a character creator is yet to be seen though.

Since there has been no official news regarding first-ever female GTA protagonist from Rockstar Games so far, it would be wise for fans to take this with a grain of salt as there are hundreds of alleged GTA6 rumors and theories out there.

Grand Theft Auto VI is yet to be officially revealed by Rockstar Games but a number of reliable sources claim that it is currently in development for Windows PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms without a set release window.