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Electronic Arts to Decide Future of Anthem This Week

Future of Anthem will be decided soon after Electronic Arts review its overall progress later this week.

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Electronic Arts to Decide Future of Anthem This Week

Despite being one of the most-anticipated games of 2019, multiplayer action role-playing game Anthem from developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts had a disappointing launch and failed to live up to player expectations.

Electronic Arts will be having a meeting this week to officially decide whether they will continue trying to improve "Anthem 2.0" reboot or to entirely give up on a planned overhaul altogether, according to report from industry insider.

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has reportedly talked to a number of studio stuff recently, who chose to remain anonymous and reveals that EA executives will evaluate current state of Anthem Next to decide their next move.

Following a piss-poor reception at launch, BioWare assembled a small team to overhaul their 2019 multiplayer game. Executive producer Christian Dailey revealed plans for a roadmap last year, detailing major upcoming changes.

A small developer team of 30 people were currently working on Anthem Next project and back in December, Dailey exits BioWare. Insiders believe that existing team needs to expand at least three times to keep delivering new content.

EA has not yet revealed if they are willing to invest more time and money into reviving Anthem from its critical state. BioWare originally intended to introduce major changes in core gameplay and improve loot in 2.0 to drive players back.

In past, games like Final Fantasy XIV and No Man's Sky were able to redeem themselves after a rocky launch with regular updates.  Even if BioWare managed to impress EA, it's still not clear whether players are to return for Anthem.

BioWare has announced working on multiple projects right now and therefore, it will be best for EA to leave Anthem behind given how little to no progress it made and focus on Dragon Age 4 and a new Mass Effect game instated.