Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4-Exclusive Mode Outrage

Player on PC and Xbox One are angry over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare yearlong PS4-exclusive mode.

Only a few days ago, developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision has successfully launched an Open Beta program for upcoming first-person shooter title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Turns out, multiplayer beta for Modern Warfare has drawn largest number of audience in entire Call of Duty history. Then upon players discovering inclusion of a yearlong PS4-exclusive mode, things quickly went to south.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4-Exclusive Mode Outrage

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Activision and Infinity Ward stated that most of CoD: MW post-release content will be released simultaneously on all platforms unlike before but PS4 players would have a limited timed exclusivity period over them.

In best cases, Sony console owners will get Day 1 advantage but when it comes to Spec Ops Survival mode, it will exclusive for a full year. This absolutely nonsense has definitely irked majority of PC and Xbox One player community.

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Earlier, developers premiered story trailer for their latest shooter in recent State of Play stream by Sony Interactive Entertainment and there, Spec Ops mode is stated to remain exclusive to PS4 until October 1, 2020 nearing its end at 2:30.

Infinity Ward garnered so much fan support for MW 2019 being a fan-service title so far but Activision apparently made a deal with Sony a year before already, probably to get them on cross-platform play on top of a hefty sum of money.

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Even narrative director Taylor Kurosaki went on Twitter for some clarity about this decision that made fans mad.

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Kurosaki says that except for Spec Ops Survival mode, everything else is available for players on all platforms. Moreover, this unforeseen decision was made by people above their pay grade, which is a clear nod to publisher Activision.

He also claimed that PS4-exclusive mode is only 1% of the whole game and keeping it out doesn't simply ruin entire Modern Warfare experience for a player since 99% of content comes out for everyone on same day.

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All that hype that was built around Modern Warfare being incredibly gory and grounded in realism, plus having cross-play support for all has dimmed down by the confirmation of a locked away multiplayer mode until October 2020.

Anyone who is not on PS4 is not getting the full game and therefore, shouldn't pay full price. PC and Xbox One player base are rallying over social media to cancel their pre-order to protest against such ridiculous action by publisher.

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By the time this timed exclusivity will over and Spec Ops Survival will launch on other platforms, essentially a new Call of Duty game will be out, which is presumably Call of Duty: Black Ops V and then people will forget about the issue.

Sony has been enjoying timed-exclusive access to Call of Duty post-launch content from 2015 and though many are claiming lately that is coming to an end, recent Open Beta coming two days early on PlayStation 4 suggests otherwise.

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Paying full price and then waiting for a full year only encourages many other AAA-companies in gaming industry for such unfair treatment of customers, or maybe they will even try to pull of something scummier than this next year.

If a major fraction of players from PC and Xbox One platforms ended up cancelling their pre-order, Activision may take a hit and learn a lesson but they are likely to have already anticipated something like this in advance and act accordingly.

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When releasing multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny back in 2014, a couple Strikes were exclusive to PS4 for a year and by the time they came to Xbox consoles, DLC expansions started coming out and those early contents lost all hype.

At this point, there may not be any way to revise their exclusivity deal with Sony but all that positive buzz Call of Duty: Modern Warfare received so far are now being blurred into oblivion for greedy moves made by its publisher.