Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth Showcase Live Now

Square Enix and Sony offers a better look at Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth gameplay in latest State of Play showcase ahead of release.

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Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Showcase Live Now

Revealed back in June 2022, upcoming action role-playing game Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth from developer/published Square Enix is second part of a remake trilogy that releases exclusively to PlayStation 5 consoles on February 29, 2024.

While showing off a number of their upcoming games, Sony has announced to host brand-new episode for State of Play today on TikTok, Twitch and YouTube, showing-off unseen cut-scenes, gameplay and share new FFVIIR information.

Square Enix has streamed a 19-minute long State of Play gameplay showcase for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.

Players are reuniting once again with protagonist Cloud Strife alongside fan-favorite characters like Aerith, Barret, Tifa and more. In pursuit of their goal to stop mega-corporation Shinra, they will come across Sephiroth, a former Soldier.

State of Play premiers its latest showcase broadcast with a glimpse of story cinematic and a lot of never-before seen gameplay footage. It sheds light on various other exciting elements every Final Fantasy fans would love to know about.

Cloud and his friends will explore a vast in-game world across multiple inter-connected regions as story of Rebirth unfolds. World Intel activity sends you on different locations to assist Shinra renegade Chadley in research and find items.

Apart from seeking resources, players can often accept additional side quests to help out other people. Over time, these Odd Jobs will help you with various summons to call them for support during mid-battle at a later point in storyline.

Participating in open-world activities together will strengthen the bond between Cloud and his fellow party members. Story progression of FF VII: Rebirth will never be affected by any of your side-hustles since you can re-visit them later.

Bond of friendship between characters will be a major part of gameplay and it will allow you to perform special moves with combat synergy. Other than several originals, many new additions to mini-games are joining FF: Rebirth on PS5.

Ahead of its launch later this month, Square Enix dropped a free demo today that lets you play through majority of the first chapter. A second demo will arrive before release of Part 2, which lets you play as Sephiroth in flashback scene.

FFVII: Rebirth demo takes you to explore Nibelheim incident, an earlier mission during his time as a Soldier, which takes place before in-game events and part of Junon region will be available for exploration before its release this month.

Players can form a party of three by picking from Aerith, Barret, Cloud, Red XIII and Tifa as they take out a variety of enemies and bosses. Opening section of demo offers you a taste of overall experience but won't carry over progression.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Rebirth will soon announce a release date for its second demo ahead of late February release window. However, your progression won't be carried over to full game when it launches for PlayStation 5 very soon.
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