PlayStation State of Play September 2022 Live Now

Latest episode of PlayStation State of Play livestream showcases upcoming games coming to PlayStation 5 and VR2.

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PlayStation State of Play September 2022 Live Now

Although there hasn't been any rumor regarding an upcoming State of Play broadcast in coming months, Sony Interactive Entertainment made a surprise announcement for a new presentation earlier, focusing on future PlayStation games.

In today's showcase event, Sony reveals a lineup of third-party games from Japanese publishers that are launching for PlayStation 5 and VR2 very soon, which will go live on September 13, 3:00 PM PDT/6:00 PM EDT at Twitch and YouTube.

Sony premiers a 20-minute long State of Play showcase that highlights various announcements and more.

Tekken 8 | Announced
A first-look for upcoming arcade fighting game Tekken 8 by developer/publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has been revealed at State of Play stream, which is currently a work-in-progress and captured directly from part of story mode.

Earlier in July, a leak at Bandai Namco has revealed Tekken 8 being set to release on Q3 FY 2023 with Elden Ring DLC. Latest trailer was rendered in real-time and running at 60 FPS, showing Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima in a bloody fight.

Ishin: Like a Dragon | Remake Announced
Originally came out exclusively in Japan, 2014 Yakuza series spin-off game Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin! is being remade by developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and publisher Sega for a worldwide release across modern console generations next year.

Witness the end of samurai era in a legendary lost chapter of Like a Dragon series that will take you to 1860s fictional Kyoto. Play as Sakamoto Ryoma who is adept in a variety of combat styles and can even summon a tiger via Heat Action.

Pacific Drive | PlayStation VR2
Next in line is a unique entry for today's showcase, upcoming first-person driving survival game Pacific Drive by developer Ironwood Studios, where you drive through Pacific Northwest in a car and keep running, coming to PlayStation VR2.

Set in 1955, Olympic Peninsula becomes a zone of radiation and supernatural horrors following government intervention. Player takes a trip to the walled off area and gets stuck inside with no way out other than going through, somehow.

pacific drive playstation ps vr2 announced upcoming first-person driving survival game ironwood studios
Pacific Drive Announced for PlayStation VR2

Synduality | Announced
As part of transmedia Science Fiction franchise, upcoming third-person sci-fi shooter Synduality by Bandai Namco explores a concept of how artificial intelligence and humans would interact or coexist after all, in a dystopian future of 2222.

Earth was hit by a catastrophic poisonous rain that led to a mass extinction for humanity and as a drifter, you must team up with an AI partner in a struggle to reclaim lost ground for humanity while getting AO Crystals to trade and survive.

Stellar Blade (formerly Project EVE) | Story Trailer
Originally debuted as Project EVE, developer Shift Up has renamed their upcoming action game to "Stellar Blade" that takes place in a not-so distant future where humanity gets devastated by NA:tive and had to take shelter in city of Xion.

With a mission to take back Earth, Eve and her friends arrives on Xion to meet elder of the town named Orcal, who told them many tales. Eve must help out remaining survivors and slay hordes of gruesome enemies, coming on PS5 in 2023.

God of War: Ragnarök | Story Trailer
In a mix of cut-scenes and gameplay, upcoming God of War: Ragnarök unveils a new trailer that offers some story bits. Sony also revealed a limited edition DualSense wireless controller, which arrives days before launch November 9, 2022.

Atreus has grown in his own shoes, Freya seeks vengeance, Valkyries attack, Týr joins team and more was highlighted. Kratos and Thor, Norse God of Thunder finally faces each other in a boss battle as both of their mighty weapons collide.

Shortly after Sony's announcement yesterday, fans begin to speculate whether a playable demo for upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake. However, developer/publisher Capcom didn't show up as they are readying for Tokyo Game Show 2022.

State of Play livestream heavily focused on a lineup of third-party games coming to PS5 and VR2 hardware. Sony is possibly planning release of next-generation PlayStation VR2 headset by next year and is going to reveal a launch date soon.
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