Thursday, May 3, 2018

Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol Details

Bungie promises Destiny 2’s new endgame activity, Escalation Protocol will be ever challenging as well as rewarding with loots.

With its second expansion Warmind for multiplayer first-person shooter Destiny 2 releasing on May 8, 2018, developer Bungie and publisher Activision is also bringing Escalation Protocol event for all Guardians. So, players will keep busy more often these days with D2 and by looking at the details of their plan, looks like the studio has taken lesson from backlash at their Curse of Osiris expansion, which pissed off so many fans of the franchise that many has even sort of abandoned it.

destiny 2 escalation protocol event
Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol Details

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What they are planning with Escalation Protocol is an ever-challenging public activity that always keeps the players engaged to keep things interesting for them. Waves after wave of Hive enemies will be attacking you and each time they become more difficult to kill before finally entering into a boss battle! Guardians are now deployed on Mars, the Hellas Basin and two of the public zones from there will be in the event. These are all the core details of this event in short.

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Previous public events like Archon’s Forge, Court of Oryx, Prison of Elders and Witch’s Ritual were the prime source of inspiration for developers of this event as well as activities from original Destiny game. Many of those modes that you have enjoyed previously that would still fit into the world of Warmind are added and Escalation Protocol promises to be more challenging as par requests of fans in Destiny communities to bring them more difficult activities to participate in.

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What their team has learned from Curse of Osiris is that Mercury Destination felt too small for players and there was very little room for progress. So, while working on Hellas Basin Destination, the developers decided to send you in different places to encounter enemy hordes and make those confrontations intense. You will earn various gears upon defeating unique bosses at the end of an event and they will keep revolving each week, so your Guardians will face off a new one each time.

bungie destiny 2 escalation protocol event
Escalation Protocol Endgame Activity

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Escalation Protocol is designed to stand out with Nightfall, Trials and the Raid, where you will be facing a new challenge each time that will not only demand for best strategies but some your best gears available as well. Only your best performance can get your team through those tests. This is still very different from other end-game activities as all of it is going on a public zone and working together is the only key to get past this event.

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Doesn't matter whatever level of players are present in the zone but they all are allowed to join this event and contribute, which is pretty much every other D2 events are. Although ones with lower levels can get massacred by high-level groups, their participating still matters to overall course in the end. Going through all these troubles have rewards waiting for you as unique armor, weapons with new perks and other items. Each week, you can earn armor pieces until you complete the whole set.

bungie destiny 2 hive enemies
New Ice-Enhanced Hive Enemies

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Even though up to 9 players can take part, at the beginning of the event, they might feel a bit under leveled and banding up in such large number would seem necessary. When you will get used to it, you won't be feeling downwards anymore. Plus, Escalation Protocol is tuned for Warmind expansion so that it is feasible for most prepared fireteams of max-level 3 person that joins the party. The task will be hard on them but not impossible to achieve. So, any additional help will just relieve the pressure off and let them plan for better strategies.

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In most cases you will find another friendly group to harmonize and complete the event with, which was the goal for this event to take place on public zones. It opened up for all sorts of opening to work together and see the end of it. Since this is not a raid, not everyone is assigned to a single job to acquire larger goal. Once players will get accustomed with new rules of the challenges, we can hope to see some very innovative cooperative gameplay that will probably blow our mind.

bungie destiny 2 public zone
Work Together to Conquer

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For now, Bungie have five unique bosses planned for Escalation Protocol event, who will be rotating each week at the climax. After fifth week, the first boss will come back rotating again as you saw in Court of Oryx. The two public zones are different in terms of encounter spots and opportunities but in functionality, both are the same. Prepare yourself for the game's second DLC expansion Warmind when it drops on May 8, 2018. Season 3 is progressing and so is Destiny 2, available now to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.