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Xbox's Offer to Keep Call of Duty Games on PlayStation is Inadequate, Says Sony

Sony CEO Jim Ryan recently claims that Xbox's extended offer to keep Call of Duty games on PlayStation is inadequate.

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Xbox's Offer to Keep Call of Duty Games on PlayStation is Inadequate, Says Sony

With a proposed acquisition of Activision/Blizzard currently in progress, people are speculating that fan-favorite first-person shooter franchise Call of Duty could become an exclusive to Xbox and regulators are investigating these concerns.

A latest statement from Microsoft has clarified earlier that Call of Duty will be available on rival platform PlayStation for several more years than current deal but Sony claims that Xbox's offer to keep Call of Duty multiplatform is inadequate.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan recently responded back to what Xbox head Phil Spencer said in his interview about future plans for Call of Duty series after Sony's current deal with Activision/Blizzard finally expires very soon.

Spencer claimed that such offer goes beyond typical gaming industry agreements but Jim Ryan couldn't be satisfied with the proposal. Initially thinking this to be a private business discussion, he kept silent till now but wants to clarify things.

He claims that Microsoft offered to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation for three more years after their current contract deal ends. Jim Ryan believes their proposal was inadequate for taking no account of any impact to players on PlayStation.

Sony wants to guarantee PlayStation gamers highest quality Call of Duty experience and Xbox's proposal undermines that objective. Activision is releasing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2 followed by a new Black Ops in 2024.

Locking out exclusive Call of Duty content and AAA-titles by other multiplatform publishers on their console platform for years, Sony is seemingly in panic mode upon realizing that Xbox may to secure market using similar business practice.

Activision/Blizzard acquisition is currently being thoroughly scrutinized by regulators over anti-trust concerns. UK's Competition and Markets Authority wants further inquiry into this merger if it extensively impact Sony's ability to compete.