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Back 4 Blood PvP Gameplay Revealed, Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Launch Day

Latest trailer for Back 4 Blood shows off PvP multiplayer Swarm mode and will join Xbox Game Pass on day-one.

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Back 4 Blood PvP Gameplay Revealed, Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Launch Day

Although a sequel to Left 4 Dead 2 may not happen anytime soon, original franchise developer Turtle Rock Studios and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive announced working on its spiritual successor titled Back 4 Blood back in 2019.

B4B was teased with a concept art and officially revealed during The Game Awards 2020 digital event. Today at Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, first-look at PvP multiplayer is shown and a release date is now confirmed for late 2021.

Official trailer for Back 4 Blood shows PvP mode gameplay full of gore and mess, also coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Back 4 Blood single-player story campaign lets you fight zombies with four AI teammates or join a group of friends online for a classic co-op zombie shooter experience and it will extend up to eight-players in PvP multiplayer Swarm mode.

In a player-versus-player scenario, two teams will go up against each other as Cleaners and The Ridden. Inspired by Left 4 Dead games, Swarm mode pits one group of survivors fighting against player-controlled special zombies and a horde.

Swarm mode competitive PvP multiplayer will have a squad of Cleaners fighting The Ridden for as long as possible in best-of-three rounds. Each side scores point based on how long they were able to stay alive and took maximum damage.

There will be a number of playable Ridden including Bruiser, Crusher, Exploder, Hocker, Reeker, Retch, Stalker, Stinger and Tallboy. Each one of these types has unique fighting abilities that can be upgraded with Mutations enhancements.

While you are at it, also take a brief look at how Ridden classes would play out in online PvP matches.

In today's E3 2021 showcase, Turtle Rock Studios confirms releasing Back 4 Blood later this year on October 12, 2021. Aside from current and last-gen consoles, B4B will also be arriving to Xbox Game Pass subscription service on launch day.

Game Pass members can enjoy playing Back 4 Blood at launch on cloud beta, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S for no extra cost. Subscribers can all team-up online using cross-play and work together to survive a global zombie outbreak.

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By pre-ordering a copy, anyone can secure early access to Back 4 Blood open beta running from August 5-9, which will be followed by a second beta, including cross-play and cross-gen support for everyone across all platforms a week later.

Back 4 Blood is set to release for PC via Epic Games Store and Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Whether or not players will receive free next-gen upgrade for buying a copy on last-gen is yet to be revealed.