Thursday, August 2, 2018

Import Game Saves with Telltale's Walking Dead Story Builder

Developer Telltale Games introduces a brand-new interactive browser-based tool Story Builder to reconstruct Clementine's story.

When Telltale Games launched their episodic adventure game Telltale's The Walking Dead back in 2012, the gameplay experience was all centered on the choices player used to make and facing consequences for their decisions. Throughout the latter seasons the formula remained the same but it is very much possible that those saved choices were gone over time when a new console generation came. Recently, a web-based interactive tool called "Story Builder" is introduced to bring those moments back.

telltale's walking dead story builder game saves
Import Game Saves with Telltale's Walking Dead Story Builder 

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The original game was released in a time of PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360 consoles, which then later expanded to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One eventually. So, it is very much understandable if you have just lost saved game progress along the way and so, the developer launched this browser-based mechanism where you go back to some of the impactful moments from the series to create a distinctive version of Clementine to import in The Final Season.

telltale's walking dead clementine final season
Long Road Home

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When you are done forging your Clem, it is ready to be saved in the cloud using a Telltale Games account to access it later for The Final Season on their preferred platform. To catch up with series-defining moments and explore the roots once again, Telltale also offers you The Walking Dead Collection as a pre-order bonus on consoles if you happen to place your order before August 14, which includes all past three seasons, 400 Days DLC and the spin-off Michonne mini-series.

telltale's walking dead lee everett clementine story builder
Relive Those Harrowing Moments

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We would like to point out that importing the save file you created to the game is only limited to The Walking Dead: A New Frontier or The Walking Dead Collection. Also, importing saves are not cross-compatible between PS4 and Xbox One. However, both of these consoles will accept cloud saves from Android, iOS and PC. Therefore, saved progress from Season One or Season Two made in PS3 and Xbox 360 cannot be imported in any ways. For a detailed instruction, check out "Importing Saves Guide".

telltale walking dead final season clementine
Clementine Gets Brutal

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The Walking Dead: The Final Season is currently set to release on August 14 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with an expected port on Nintendo Switch at some later time. Since we are less than two weeks away from launch, you better hurry up and use the Story Builder to get a Clementine reflecting your choices and get a downloadable poster based on your results. We tried our luck and find out our Clem is a brutal one, which is pretty normal and a required quality in a zombie-apocalypse survivor.