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World War Z: Dronemaster Update Live Now

Dronemaster update for World War Z adds cross-play on all platforms, new missions and weapon skins.

Even after a year of release, co-op zombie shooter title World War Z from developer Saber Interactive and publisher Mad Dog Games continues to grow its community on PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Saber Interactive has been very frequent and pretty generous with their post-launch free DLC updates for WWZ since launch. Most recently, dev team has added new weapons, missions and more in Dronemaster update for Season 2.

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World War Z: Dronemaster Update Live Now

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A preview of Dronemaster update showcasing its titular player class and notable features is released lately.

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One of the most notable aspects of Dronemaster update is a new playable character class that is equipped with an upgradable drone. This aerial device is designed to aid you in battle and will stun any enemy in close proximity with taser.

Players can customize their personal drone using an expansive perk tree to increase firepower, add a different weapon, use for building defense, to buff allies or you can also charge a suicidal kamikaze attack at an enemy horde from afar.

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Among many other things, WWZ recently introduces full cross-play support across all available platforms. Up until now, cross-play feature was only limited between PC and Xbox One since Sony was hesitant to join a larger community.

Armory of survivors has seen new inclusion of ACW-20, semi-automatic grenade launcher of short-caliber. This one a rare weapon pick-up within World War Z arsenal to clear up massive swarm of zombies but be aware of its friendly fire.

world war z dronemaster free update live combat ready quadrocopter drone pc egs ps4 xb1 saber interactive mad dog games
Combat-Ready Quadrocopter

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A set of in-game characters themed weapon variants are bundled into Signature Weapons Pack DLC, included in GOTY edition or Season Pass. There are essential fixes, perk rebalances, new upgrades and quality of life improvements as well.

World War Z unites survivor community comes together to outlive the dead via cross-play and a new playable class with a personal quadrocopter drone will only improve your collective chance of survival against waves of undead swarms.